As the Bengals and the Rams go head to head, we highlight the best moments you may have missed.

Zendaya Sqaure Space Advert Super Bowl
Zendaya Sqaure Space Advert Super Bowl

This year the annual Super Bowl kept one theme at the centre of its field: Nostalgia. Now while we may not fully understand the fine details of the American football game, we had our eyes firmly planted on the screen throughout as the event became a throw and catch saga of iconic pop culture moments, deliciously evocative performances and of course, some juicy celebrity spotting. So just in case you missed the battle of the Bengals and Rams, we round up our very own highlights of the annual NFL event…

Camera footage

From kiss-cams to camera pans, the Super Bowl audience kept us fed with entertainment as players left the pitch. In these particular clips especially we were blessed with the natural charm of Doja Cat, as she awkwardly poses while spotlighted a foot away from The Weeknd. As he vibes to “Sacrifice” from his latest album Dawn FM, Doja acts as all of us do when at a social event, and flashes an awkward grin and two thumbs up at the big screen.

Elsewhere, when chosen by the legendary kiss-cam, Doja smooches herself and receives a mass round of applause. She really never rests when it comes to promoting self love, and for that — we salute her.

Odell Beckham Jr kisses his fiancés baby bump

Odell Beckham Jr
Odell Beckham Jr

In the year of 2022 we are all officially going after what we want, and one player who manifested his own success was Odell Beckham Jr, who broke down in tears after the Los Angeles Rams won their first title in 22 years. As his mum reminds him of all his hard work, OBJ bends down to kiss the budding baby bump of his fiancé — and left a rather large lump in our throats in the process.

The 50 Cent surprise

@kmm711 Super Bowl half time show 2022 part 1 #Super Bowl#superbowl2022 #drdre #snoopdogg #kendricklamar #maryjblige #50cent #eminem #foryoupage #halftimeshow original sound – Kathy

Like we said, the half time performance rota was a real journey back in time. And just when we thought the trip down memory lane was over at the close of Snoop Dogg’s performance, the stage – quite literally – turned its head. Singing the intro to “In Da Club” while upside down, 50 Cent took over the stage armed with his signature white vest and sweatband, and reminded us all of the dance floor classics before TikTok was invented.

Kendrick Lamar’s killer performance

@rxpmusic #KendrickLamar Alright – Kendrick Lamar

We really don’t appreciate enough the fact that we grew up in the age of Kendrick Lamar, and as a reminder he took to the stage and gave one of the most explosive performances of Super Bowl history. Joining the rap and pop takeover during this year’s halftime, the American rapper, songwriter and record producer put on an electrifying display filled with high octane energy and finesse. Kendrick, you are the king.

Cardi B’s Instagram stories

@sourtraitor Olivia Rodrigo is at the superbowl!! | this is from cardiBs ig story | #oliviarodrigo #oliviasuperbowl #superbowl2022 #cardib original sound – sophia

Last night, we had one eye on our TV screen and one eye on Cardi B’s Instagram story, which was the best free backstage pass we could have asked for. As she filmed her view of performances, the game and snippets of lip-syncing, she also gave us a tour of her court-side companions which included Offset and the recent BRIT winner Olivia Rodrigo. Hyping up the artist as she films her Y2K-essent outfit, we are now patiently waiting for the pair to collaborate on more than just friendship. Drop some music please, ladies.

A-list advertisements

After it was announced that Doja Cat would be covering Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” for a Super Bowl commercial, we have been patiently waiting for fresh visual material of the star to air. Marrying our two big loves, food and Doja, her advertisement for Taco Bell played during the fourth quarter of the event. With comedic charm and intrinsic sass, Doja sheds the shell of a clown waiting for ice cream and dons a violet hued wig in pursuit of something hotter – the tasty spice of the Mexican chain restaurant.

When she’s not travelling through the multiverse or dropping Cassie-related bombshells, Zendaya is also promoting Square Space starring as the sea-shell fanatic, Sally. Showing off her Ariel-approved fiery beach waves, the actress dresses in sea-shell adorned petticoats as she promotes the webpage building company like a true seaside sensation.

We won’t go into details, but when it comes to Ye and his social media, the American producer, rapper, and fashion designer is rarely at a loss for words. This all appears to change, however, in McDonald’s latest advertisement for the 2022 games, which shows a snippet of Ye peeking out of a cyber truck, unable to decide exactly what he wants to order. Interesting…

Celebrity spotting

Let’s just say if you’re heading to an event with JLo, you best bring some moves. Better luck next time, Ben.

Beyonce and Kelly
Beyonce and Kelly

One reunion we’ve been manifesting since 2005 is Destiny Child, so we took great pleasure in spotting Beyonce cozied up to Kelly Rowland in the crowd.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than writing about this particular gem, we are off to get it framed.


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