The Atlanta star releases her highly anticipated single, and speaks with us on her journey so far.


Much like Hadiya George herself, the infectious groove of her new single “Balance” requires little to no introduction. Plunging her listeners straight into the hip-swaying charm of her funky soundscape, the track is laced with ear-worming reverbs that easily fall into the pop R&B genre. As a follow up from her debut single “Hot Flavor”, the single carries the torch for the artist’s soul-flecked sound and serves as the ultimate dancefloor-ready track.

While her flirtatious vocals take centre stage, “Balance” is injected with deep baselines and dreamy chords, which are a true testament for Hadiya’s attention to detail. When talking about her craft, Hadiya explains “I know the emotion that I put behind my music, I have an idea in my head that stands for something and I want to put it out.”

To understand that sentiment, we took some time to speak with the artist about her latest release, as she simultaneously gives us boy advice we wish we had many years ago.

For the full interview and to listen to stream the single, head below…

Hi Hadiya, how are you doing? Where are we speaking to you from right now? 
Hey hey, right now I am speaking to you from my home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Can we talk about your beginnings in music? When did you first realise it was something you wanted to get into? 
Yes of course, so I first started writing when I was 16, more so writing poetry because I was trying to be like the poets in The Grand Slam Poetry Competition in D.C. which was shown on film in my Junior year of highschool and it hit a spark for me. Super inspiring growing up seeing the teens on there with fire bursting out their lungs and I just remember the day I watched feeling that passion they exuded hitting me like a steaming gun and taking my breath away! Ugh, it was A-R-T and I wanted to express myself in that way too you know! Before writing though I was a natural born singer period. I was gifted with the power of self actualization and I’ve accepted that gift . I loved to hear what my own voice could do and would often surprise myself! I’m in the kitchen hitting the widest ranges, feeling my chest opening up and my diaphragm holding all this air. I shocked myself a lot of times. However that wasn’t all self taught 50% came from being in choir from 5 to 21  with directors who did not play when it came to rehearsals and did not play when it came to blending, stacking, breathing, enunciation, repetition and oh they were so strict! Omg haha, but it was so – so much fun being a part of it all.

Do you have a particular artist you cite as a musical inspiration to you? 
Oh absolutely, I can’t go through a playlist without listening to some MJ, Janet, Isely Brothers, Aaliyah, Kendrick, El debarge, Maxwell, my number one Pharrell, Jay Z, Summer Walker… I could go on but you have to understand that my top one is Pharrell. I don’t even have to explain how influential this man is… but I will say that hearing his soft vocals with those famous lyrics on those monumental tracks is what has given me the unshakable confidence to be myself on every record I attack! 

Congratulations on the release of “Balance”! Can you talk us through the meaning of the track? 
Aw thank you it is sort of like a mini celebration or a “birth”! I was literally testing out a man’s love. Saying “hey!” if you’re the one for me show me then. I know what I want to see/feel/hear and like I said before I was blessed with self – actualisation so I know about the honesty, growth, gratitude, teachings and resilience that comes along with being a union but does he know? Is he capable of being honest with himself and with others, does he give time and reason with affection and care? Does he nurture well? Is he serious and does he communicate well enough for us to not leave a conversation unfulfilled? Does his ego hinder him? If he doesn’t know then it is for me to try again and for him thank you next! Past relationships have seriously helped me to sit still, realize my worth and my value, become aware of the energy that I keep around me – oh and especially that mindset. People out here will be set on crazy and I just won’t allow it in my universe period! So this track is me in the nicest way saying “show me how you love me because I haven’t seen it yet. I know what it looks like so I’m allowing you to present your best before I let you all the way in my space!” 
How do you want listeners to feel when they hear the track? 
I want my listeners and supporters to feel inspired, I want them to feel healed and powerful, I want them to dance, jump up and down and never lower their energy or vibration for anybody not even themselves. Overall I want them to feel loved – self loved most importantly.

The track is a departure from the sounds of your debut track, “Hot Flavor”. What made you want to explore a different side to your sound with this track?
Oh yes it is different but one thing about me is that I have many hidden talents that you probably wouldn’t know about until I’m old and grey.  It’s still groovy but I’m just singing this time and what I love about doing music the most is the singing part. I am a 100% singing baby and rapping is something that I love but just for certain records. When the guys from Afro Genius and I created this record the first thing I started to do was sing and that was alright with me. If you’re an artist and you get a groove you gotta keep it going and I got up in there and pushed that pen all the way through!

If you could collaborate with one specific artist, who would it be?
One Man One Sound – Pharrell.

What is next for you in 2022? Is there an EP or album drop on the horizon? 
I wish I could tell you but all that is top secret – but just keep looking out and supporting. The power of you and all of my supporters breeds greatness and I can’t wait till you see the greatness haha! Thank You!


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