Here are the trailers that have made their way onto our watchlist.

killing eve
killing eve

Love Is Blind Season Two

Since the first series of Love Is Blind carried us through the bottomless pit of lockdown blues, we have been at the edge of our sofas waiting for a second instalment of binge-worthy blind dating. Now, almost two years and one reunion later, thirty fresh singles are entering the blacked-out booths to entertain their dates through a wall — and yes, proposals are imminent. With a cast packed with very hopeless romantics, family planners and fairy-tale fans, the second series promises to be just as infectious as the first. And with snippets of explosive arguments happening at the alter, we know the series and our love for drama will make the perfect match.

Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy

It’s been 21 years since Clarence Simmons moved from Chicago to New York City to film the making of Kanye — and finally, we get to watch the footage. Documenting Ye’s pursuit to become the next great rapper, the documentary is packed full of nostalgia. With home-movie style clips popping up in every minute of the trailer, including snippets from the making of Graduation and the first music video North West featured in, Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy provides us with an intimate peek into the life of one of the most influential musicians of our time.

Dear… Season Two

We aren’t going to pretend like this one didn’t make us cry within two minutes. Dear… is back for season two, featuring the faces of screen icons such as Sandra Oh, Kareen Abdul-Jabbar and the late André Leon Talley. The featuring stars are followed in a docuseries style manner, reading heartfelt letters and stories from the lives they have unknowingly impacted. Reflecting on the true power of influence that they have, the stars open up about their own misfortunes, and what it feels like to know that they have alleviated pain from other people. The trailer is at once entertaining, heartwarming and humbling, and we cannot wait to watch the full feature.

Your Attention Please Season Three

If you haven’t already watched Your Attention Please, we have some fresh material to sink your teeth into. The docuseries which takes viewers on a journey into the lives and dreams of black innovators and creators is back, and the talent is more diverse than ever. From bull tamers to ice-cream makers, dog groomers to skydivers, the cast is opening up their worlds to inspire others to find their passions and share them, with the full series available to stream from February 9th.

Cheaper by the Dozen

Along with ten kids and no nanny, Cheaper by the Dozen is back on our screens — radiating the feel-good factor of its 2003 predecessor with exciting new twists and a star-studded cast including Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff. Out on March 18th, the family friendly comedy delves into the home of a blended family, who are coming to terms with life as a twelve-person unit. With embarrassment, disobedience and love in abundance, it would appear Disney have absorbed every drop of the originals charm for the exciting new picture.

Killing Eve Season Four

We don’t want to say it, but the trailer for Killing Eve has dropped — and it’s the very last of its kind. For one final obsessive series, Eve Polastri and Villanelle continue their cat and mouse chase, but Villanelle poses a question that viewers are left to answer: which of them is actually the cat? With Villanelle still making attempts not to murder people, and with Eve easing herself into the act, we wait to see what will come of the iconic will-they-won’t-they pair. As Caroline recruits Eve to hunt down the killers of The Twelve, we are all beyond anxious to see whether she’ll ascend back to the light, or surrender to the darkness.


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