The trio propel us into the weekend with their feel-good track.

Oden & Fatzo
Oden & Fatzo

At 5 PM today, we’re closing our laptops Kris Jenner style, putting our emails on DND and signing off for the weekend, and getting us in the perfect mood their thumping release is Oden & Fatzo with “Lauren”. Made for those unforgettable nights, the trio effortlessly captures those nostalgic dancefloor moments with warming retro-tinged synths and hazy ear-worming vocals. Remixed by Jamie Roy, the single is the perfect track for those gearing up for a night out or those who are ready to party the night away in their living room.

Accompanying the release with an eclectic video, the trio transports us to a flat Earth convention whereby they attempt to convince some of the attendees to the truth. But as the video goes on, a stranger reveals to them the reality of what the Earth really is.

“It’s relatively rare in our experience for people to sing along at rave parties.” explains Fatzo, “Yet every time we played this track in England, the whole audience sang all the lyrics in unison, which created a unique moment of communion that we had never experienced before. After the shows, many people came to tell us that the song had enchanted their summer, it was really incredible.”

With the single already racking in over three million views and counting, the trio has taken over the airwaves with their new track and they caught up with us virtually to give us the low down.

Check out the video and interview below…

Hey guys how are you? How has this past year been for you?
We are super fine thank you! Last year was super busy because we had many gigs all over the world, sharing the vibe of our music. “Lauren” brought us to a new kind of audience we were glad to meet. At the same time many clubs have shut down and we’ve lost many venues, clubs and concerts due to Covid. And we saw everyone struggling. So at the same time it was a period of joy and a period of questioning for the whole music industry.

Unlike the name suggests there are actually three of you, how did you guys all meet and why the name Oden and Fatzo?
Oden was (and is) a duo, there name comes from a Japanese dish they like! They met at high school and I met them after a gig. Fatzo was originally me (Liam Fattori) and Lorenzo, another duo. But Lorenzo left. So we are just three!

Your single “Lauren” was an experiment that took off around Europe, how did this make you feel?
“Lauren” was a super nice experiment, and it brought us all over Europe. The big thing was to see people singing altogether, it made the moments really special because usually in-house music it’s not centred around the lyrics. People don’t know the lyrics. But on this track, everyone was singing. People in the crowd after every show talking about what it meant to them. Some people would even cry during the drop! I’m really glad we were able to live this moment.

What was the production process behind the single?
The production process was quite particular. At first, it was an edit, a song from the band Men I Trust. But then we couldn’t release the edit because of copyright. So we had to replay the parts to make a cover version. It took a month honing our sound in the studio, to create the same sound and the same vibe but we got from the edit. We found a vocalist who could achieve the same vibe, we wanted people listening on streaming platforms to get us close to the original edit as possible. When we were happy with the result we decided to release it.

And now you’re dropping the video, what was filming like?
We watch a lot of films. We are really close to the world of filmmaking, so it was nice to act in a small video clip. To do the actors work, it was a dream for all of us. It was super interesting to be behind the scenes, we felt that we were able to inject our DNA into the movie clip. It was really important for us to make it Oden and Fatzo style. So shout-out to the teams that worked with us because they were awesome. Thank you to everyone who made it happen

What do you want people to take away from your music?
If I wanted to characterise our music, I would say it’s up-tempo, uplifting and happy. We were hearing a lot of dark music and we wanted to make something different. I think these are dark times for humanity, we didn’t want to emphasise these dark aspects. On the contrary, we wanted to make people happy, cheerful and forget their problems while they’re on the dance floor. That’s how we want people to feel about our music

What are you most excited for this year?
Well, we’re super happy about this video to start the year with. And we have lots of exciting projects to come many gigs and festivals. We can’t wait for summer to continue this feeling of happiness and vibe together with the crowd’s endorphins! We want to explore great singers in house music. I think that “Lauren” showed we can do this. We have some great singles with great singers to come, including our friend THEOS who is a French house producer.


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