The duo debut their new EP, featuring a live streamed visual for their lead new single

bad sounds
bad sounds

Dropping the perfect backing track for when you’re living your best life, Bad Sounds released their new EP, “Escaping From A Violent Time Vol 2”. The five track capsule proves controversial to the bands namesake, with its soothing accents and groove-laden feel-good vibe, Bad Sounds once again explore different avenues of their artistry to an impeccable standard. Most prominent since the EP release, however, was the featuring brand new single “Angie” — an uptempo yet poignant piano ballad. In an accompanying candid visual which features the band live streaming the heart-felt hit, the minimal production gives way to the raw and unfiltered emotion that weaves through the lyrics of the single. With the intimate and personal streaming, Bad Sound invites us to join them to escape the harsh sentiments of reality within their alt-pop universe.

Elaborating on the decision-making process which brought us the single and it’s visual, the band tells us, “Angie is a bit of a heart breaker. It kinda takes the perspective of being a shoulder to cry on for someone who has essentially given up. It’s released at a very appropriate time for us personally. I think it might be the first song we’ve ever featured the piano heavily. We didn’t actually have a piano when we were making ‘Escaping From A Violent Time, Vol.II’ but when we were younger we both worked at a massive music shop called ‘All Instruments’. It’s almost like a massive musical instrument warehouse, and they have hundreds of pianos there. Despite having not worked there for years, our old boss DDJ let us come over after they shut the shop and record this track on any of the pianos we wanted. This live version is part of a series for EFAVT Vol.II. Sadly Charlie couldn’t come due to covid related issues, and Olivia tore some muscles on her ribs the day before we were supposed to film it. So its pretty much only half the band, but thankfully our stage tech, and super close friend James kindly stepped in on guitar for this weird little cramped session.”

Though the process may not have been intentional, “Angie” serves as the perfect example of Bad Sounds’ skill for tune-crafting which can be both personal to it’s composers as well as it’s audience.

To stream the music video, head below…