From mixtape releases to future album teases, FKA Twigs, Saba and Jordan Stephens lead this weeks party playlist.

fka twigs
fka twigs

FKA Twigs – “Caprisongs”

With the artist herself calling her mixtape “alco pop on the side”, and with the promise of party only a matter of hours away, we couldn’t think of a better tracklist to kick off Wonderlist than FKA Twigs’ “Caprisongs”. Using her craft as a way to journey back to herself, we are here to confirm she has understood the assignment — incorporating her newly-found empowerment and confidence into the formula of every track. Embracing growth and change, her light honey-suckle vocals emulate a joyous narrative of freedom, a direct contrast to the songs which formed its predecessor, Magdalene. The intro of “meta angel” embodies the entire tape as a whole: bridging the gap between FKA Twigs and her fans, so we can reach the core of her motivations and values without mystery.

Saba – “Come My Way” ft. Krayzie Bone

Next up is the sunny and soulful single, “Come My Way”, Saba’s latest single featuring Grammy winning artist, Krayzie Bone. With a playful melody that resonates with the classics which carved the hip-hop scene, Saba blends his ear for chilled beats with a masterful flow. Saba’s collaboration with Krayzie Bone offers the perfect pairing of modern underground rap with the chilled vibe of old-school soul. With Saba’s hotly anticipated album debut just around the corner, we will be blasting this from every room as means of a countdown.

Jordan Stephens – “Big Bad Mood” ft. Miraa May

Only two weeks in, we can already tell 2022 is officially the year of collaboration. Keeping up the momentum, Jordan Stephens brings his infectious drops to meet with Miraa May’s silky vocals in order to create “Big Bad Mood”. The groove-ridden capsule is the ultimate middle finger to the corruptive rules of officials, and offers the perfect remedy for the mood that ensues political discussion. We dare you to listen to the first 20 seconds of the track without moving a limb, because for us, the task was futile.

Erika Tham – “Shhh”

In a flirtatious new release, actor-turned-singer Erika Tham exercises her penchant for creating mysterious ethereal melodies, interlaced with the subtle percussion of Asian instrumentation. Marking a clear departure from her Disney channel past, the artist has consistently explored the uncharted territory of her artistry, bringing pop finesse in tow. In the same tone which is often tethered to the songs of Billie Eilish, Erika exuberates otherworldly seduction which results in complete intoxication: the ultimate addition for an intimate evening playlist.

Kojey Radical – “Payback” ft. Knucks

Quite possibly the only track that could get our fists raising this late in the work week is rapper Kojey Radical’s latest release with Knucks, “Payback”. Before crashing into a funky base, the single kicks off with an ear-worming vintage reverb, catapulting the track into the sharp and energetic flow custom of hip-hop. The track serves as an appetiser for Kojey’s highly anticipated debut album, which will be out from the 4th of March. Reasons To Smile, explains Kojey, is a love letter to the hip-hop roots of his music. It’s safe to say from this release, the content will follow suit.

Raveena – “Rush”

Offering us a pleasure for the eyes as well as the ears, Raveena drops the enigmatic single, “Rush” — along with a visual as aesthetic as it is hypnotic. The track is Raveena’s first ever release with Warner Records, and marks its territory with a unique blend of Indian drums and Bollywood influences with a modern R&B twist. The hip-moving hit, penned by Raveena following a psychedelic acid trip, invites her listeners into her technicolour world, complete with angelic vocals and more gem-studded eyelids than the entire cast of Euphoria combined.