From the final season of Ozark to nail-biting Suspicion, here are the trailers that caught our eye this week


It’s no secret that TV is riding the waves of reunions as of late. With remakes from our childhood memory books, to some of our favourite drama series coming to a gripping close, you’ll be pleased to know this week’s roundup has some impressive fresh flavour. Head below to see the blockbusters and docuseries’ that are heading our watch list…

Ozark Season 4 Part 1

Our favourite money-laundering family is finally back on our screens, as Netflix dropped the official trailer for the first part of Ozark’s fourth and final season, due for release on the 21st of January. As widely-acclaimed actor and director Jason Bateman steps back into the shoes of Marty Byrd, season four promises to unravel the crippling family dynamic season 3 left behind, with Jonah discovering his mother was behind his brother’s death. In the new footage, it appears show creator Chris Mundy is taking us on another white-knuckle ride as we watch Marty and his wife Wendy get their hands dirtier than ever as they work directly for Navarro.

Neymar: The Perfect Chaos

To keep football fanatics well and truly fed this season, Netflix have dropped a star-studded docuseries on the rise and rise of history’s highest-paid athlete and Brazil’s leading face, Neymar. The three-part feature, which will premiere on the 25th of January, will include unseen footage of the players home life, delving into his rocky family relationships, as well as his own vices which birthed from his success. Featuring adoration and commentary from the likes of Lionel Messi and David Beckham, we cannot wait to see what makes of a man worth 222 million euros.

Dollface Season 2 

Child-hood-defining actresses Brenda Song and Shay Mitchell definitely left us high and dry when the first season of Dollface ended back in 2019. All is forgiven, however, as our favourite girl gang are back — hot pants, knee covers and electric toothbrushes in tow. A comedy series that focuses on the reconnection of girlfriends following Kat Dennings’ character Jules’ split from long-term boyfriend, the second series tackles new life-changing events: living through a pandemic, going through heartbreak, and turning 30. Directed by Margot Robbie and leading cast member Kat Dennings, Dollface offers a ray of kitty-litter-light to our mutual misfortunes.


If it wasn’t obvious from recent events, Hollywood have really tapped into their new mantra: out with the old, and in with the renewed. Amongst the nostalgia-niggling reboots which have made their way onto modern-day screens, is a globally-adored sitcom that had everyone dancing the “Carlton” during the 90s. Will Smith has officially made his return to a town called Bel-Air, only this time, he’s trading his Prince title for that of an Executive Producer. Exploring a new direction of what really drove Will Smith out of West Philadelphia, the gritty remake looks packed full of our favourite characters, with a dramatic plot line to scrutinise the uncovered prejudices of the shows past premise.


If you happen to enjoy pulse-raising productions packed with false accusations, trust issues and a view of Uma Thurman — here’s your belated Christmas gift. Apple TV+ have given us a taster of new thriller series, Suspicion, and if their previous projects are anything to go by, no plot-twist could be crazy enough. Following Thurman as a high-profile CEO, whose son has been kidnapped by 4 unidentified individuals, a group of seemingly normal bystanders find themselves on a mission to prove their innocence to the FBI. Set to release on the 4th of February, the trailer slams the series right at the top of our must-watch list for the year.


When A24 release a horror movie, we know we’re in for a masterful – albeit overwhelmingly disturbing – experience. When a group of adult filmmakers set out to a secluded countryside to film “Farmer’s Daughter”, Mia Goth, Brittany Snow and Jenna Ortega’s characters stop at no length to prove they have the X-factor in the X-rated. Taking eye-popping horror in a much more literal sense, we can’t wait to watch the thriller through trembling fingers.


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