The Leicester-raised artist talks the first track he fell in love with and spreading good vibes in the music industry.


2022 is bringing with it many things, from the prospect of new beginnings to hotly-anticipated movie releases and, according to the news, plenty more hype-worthy fashion collaborations. But, above all, the one thing we are most excited about is the revamp our Spotify playlists are going to receive as some of the UK’s fastest rising musical talents set out to treat the world to a slice of their incomparable sound. With this in mind, we could not think of a better way to kick off the new year than by introducing you to the artists set to dominate the music industry in 2022. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Wonderland’s Ones To Watch round-up.

When it comes to Leicester’s music scene, the name most worthy of note is Sainté’s. A rapper on a mission to intoxicate listeners with his lyrical flow and melodic production, the multi-facet is one that is leaving his print on the musical map and awarding himself an ever-growing fan base. Following on from the successful release of his EP, “Out The Blue”, the rapper sat down to discuss the need for love between artists and what 2022 holds for him with Wonderland. Head below to enjoy our Ones To Watch interview with Sainté…

I AM Sainté.

BORN in Zimbabwe AND RAISED IN Leicester.

THE FIRST RECORD I FIRST FELL IN LOVE WITH WAS “Smoothies” in 1991 by Larry June.

NOW IT REMINDS ME OF nothing but good times, summer and vibes!

MY BIGGEST INFLUENCES ARE my grandad, my dad, Pharrell, Drake, Kanye and a whole lot more!

VISUALLY, I’M INSPIRED BY all types of creative content, ranging from artsy films and series to some previous music videos and short films that have played a part in shifting the scene and the game we’re in now.

MY MOST PERSONAL LYRIC IS “I don’t talk too much because the way that I talk is expensive” IT’S ABOUT me knowing my worth and knowing when to involve myself or speak my thoughts.

RIGHT NOW I’M WRITING ABOUT the deeper and more personal side of life, mental health, and not just the materialistic stuff. I want people to be able to relate to my music.

I HOPE MY MUSIC MAKES PEOPLE feel nothing but happy! I want people to be able to just flip their negatives into positives, which I know is easier said than done, but I’d love to help as much as I can with that.

MY SUPERPOWER IS good energy. Good energy is undefeated, nothing can shake an individual with good mind and energy.

ONE PIECE OF ADVICE THAT’S STUCK WITH ME IS being patient! I tell myself all the time, slow and steady grants you growth!

THE BEST GIG I’VE EVER SEEN WAS Dave in Leicester. Seeing him come to my home city and have the place lit like that was amazing. He is a great artist, very humble and talented.

THE BEST CROWD I’VE EVER PLAYED WAS Cloud X Festival, for sure. That was my first time performing live in front of an audience. We had the venue at full capacity and everybody was singing my lyrics back to me. It was magical.

THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION ABOUT ME IS people trying to categorise me. Putting me in a box is not something I’m going to allow. I believe what me and my team are working and building on is bigger than just an underground sound, UK sound you know. It’s bigger than that.

MY BIGGEST LEARNING CURVE IN 2022 WAS adapting to the changes happening in my life. Pulling up my socks and working 10x harder than before because this game is cutthroat.

LAST YEAR, I WAS PROUD OF myself, my friends and my family, because we have all managed to get further than we all were last year. The growth has been amazing and I just want to keep it going.

I’M EVOLVING INTO an all-around creative. It’s more than just music with me, I have eggs in other baskets.

I WON’T COMPROMISE ON how I carry myself, handle my craft and build with my close ones because what I’ve been able to build so far is all organic.

THE FUTURE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS looking exciting and promising with all the potential talent coming up. So many creatives are coming up with new styles and art and it’s amazing to see.

AS AN INDUSTRY, WE NEED TO put each other on more. I feel like sometimes egos clash and it prevents a whole lot of greatness from being made so that’s something that people need to work on ASAP.

BRING BACK 90’s and early 2000’s music, those times are elite and that’s facts.

GEN Z IS interesting… they are growing up to different stuff and that’s just interesting to me. There are pros and cons to it but that’s just that right haha.

AT MIDNIGHT ON NYE, I WAS WISHING FOR infinite blessings, health, opportunities and money for me, my family and team!

SONG I HAD ON REPEAT IN 2021 Drake & Kanye “Glow” – the track holds a serious message.

SONG I’M BRINGING INTO 2022 every track that I’ve recorded (unreleased) I’ve put my all into the new music I have coming and I’m excited for the world to take it in!

BEING INCLUDED AS ONE OF WONDERLAND’S ONES TO WATCH MAKES ME FEEL a mixture of emotions, it’s crazy to see myself lined up alongside other crazy creators. I look back to the days I’d be writing music in my room. Juggling music with sport, work and college then look at my life now… mental.

MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION IS to grow the YSM movement a whole lot more and put on more creators that deserve to be up in the scene doing their thing.

THIS YEAR I WILL be doing more shows, releasing more content and shining!

THIS YEAR YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO my new music respectfully, thank you!

THIS YEAR I HOPE WE CAN ALL take in each other’s work and music. Put each other on and show love.


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