Charli XCX releases the trailer for her intimate documentary set to detail her journey through the pandemic.

Charli XCX- Alone Together
Charli XCX- Alone Together

With 2021 standing as the second year that we have spent in the throws of a global pandemic, many are taking the time to reflect on the impact it has taken on our lives. And, the latest person to do so? Is Charli XCX with her highly-anticipated documentary Charli XCX: Alone Together.

Featuring iPhone captured video footage and Charli’s solo narrative, the documentary’s trailer proves it to be a homage to the pandemic, in every sense of the word, as the boredom, technology-based relations and house-bound activities we all experienced present themselves. While also promising to highlight the ingenious creative process behind the stars repeat-worthy bops along the way, the documentary boasts a dual narrative, one that is deeply personal. With Charli looking to get candid, she opens up about troubles in her relationship, battles with mental health and other undeniably relatable issues that were born out of the pandemic in a form so raw, it becomes clear that this documentary is as much of a cathartic exercise as it is a stellar piece of entertainment.

Sure to have you in a state of deep contemplation as well marvelling in the joys of Charli’s unparalleled musical talent, this is a documentary you won’t want to miss upon its release on January 28th 2022.

Watch the trailer for Charli XCX: Alone Together below…