The DJ offers up the eclectic sounds of house and techno music with his latest track.

Joris Delacroix
Joris Delacroix

While it may only be Tuesday, our minds are firmly set on the upcoming weekend, or more specifically, the weekend’s party scene. And, when Saturday and Sunday do finally come around, there is only one song that we want to be listening to, and it is DJ Joris Delacroix’s “Homie”. Standing as more of a sonic journey as opposed to a house track, listeners can expect to be treated to ebbs and flows of synth-heavy production, trickles of twinkling sound and dance-inducing beats, all of which culminate in the perfect techno-meets-house hit.

“‘Homie’ is the kind of music I enjoy producing the most. It’s all about mixing peaceful and dreamy vibes with powerful and uplifting sensations in a constantly evolving way. This contradictory feeling resonates deep inside in me and I still need to express it through my music. The style is between House music and Electronica and the main theme takes influences from Stephan Bodzin and Vitalic,” explains the artist when discussing his latest track.

With the track’s glitchy official visualizer also dropping alongside it, and being served up following the release of the artist’s warmly-received cuts, “Early Hours” and “Need Your Attention”, it becomes evident that the multi-talented musician is not looking to slow down any time soon, and we are very glad about it.

Head below to listen to “Homie”…

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