Artist on the rise lozeak unpacks her debut rock-pop anthem, “Word Vomit.”


Can you remember what your life was like when you were 18? For many, it was about trying to get your hands on a fake ID, whilst anxiously prepping for exams which were said to have seemingly dictated the rest of your life. For lozeak, however, her life as a 18-year-old could not be more different.

Dropping her debut single, “Word Vomit,” the newcomer’s attitude-packed hit cements lozeath as a force to be reckoned with. A scuffed up rock-pop anthem filled with grit, lozeath’s new music is just a taster of the diaristic pop sound she’s set to unveil.

“Me and The Nocturns had so much fun creating this song,” she says. “In the session I referenced ‘Yeah Yeah’ by Bodyrox so that we could recreate the vocal style she uses in the track and some of the instrumental elements. I wrote this song about being young and not giving a shit about what you say to others, basically referring to spilling your friends’ secrets.”

With her signature cherry-red hair and thick brows, the London-based musician has been making waves even before dropping music; on Tik Tok, she has racked up an impressive follower count of 554.7K, and amassed over 43.8M likes. With a huge online fanbase eagerly awaiting the release of “Word Vomit,” she is quickly establishing herself as the artist to watch in 2022.

Upon release of the new track, the singer talks Wonderland over the whirlwind year she has had, and the music which has informed her sound. Head below to read our interview with Lozeak….

Hey Lozeak, how are you?
Hey, I’m doing really good, thank you!

How has this past year been for you?
It’s been so crazy, but in a good way! It’s also been quite a tough year for the world but I think I;ve made the most progress music-wise throughout 2020 and 2021, which can be a weird feeling sometimes, especially with everything going on!

The pandemic affected a lot of people differently. Did it affect your creativity?
It definitely did. At the time I was still in school doing a music production course, as well as studio sessions for my music outside of school, which meant I had to do them both online. This really affected my creativity as I became uninspired, and I found it super hard to concentrate when not being able to do work hands on, or be around other creative’s.

How did you first get into music, and what sparked the interest?
My parents played drum and bass to me in the womb, so I think I came out pretty interested in that! From a really young age, my parents played me all kinds of music and it was always a massive part of my life growing up. I believe this was where my main interest started because I was so exposed to music and artists all the time. Every year since the age of 6, my parents have been taking my sister and I to Latitude festival, where I recall watching acts like Florence and the Machine. I knew from then that that was what I was going to do.

You’re from Norwich. Do you think your city has impacted your sound?
I would say yes – but I think only because of my parents. Growing up, they played a lot of Kasabian, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, Novara, Led Zeppelin and Massive Attack. Even though I had my own music interests growing up, I look back now and realise how much those bands and artists impacted my sound.

And now you’re dropping your debut single “Word Vomit.” Have you felt a pressure at all with the release?
No, to be honest. It’s been a super busy time with sessions and secret things, but I’m just super excited to get my music out there!

It’s all about exposing peoples business, what made you focus on this?
Growing up in 2021, I just thought it was a fun concept to write a song about the typical aspects of a teenager – especially as one growing up in 2021 and surrounded by social media. The whole song is actually pretty sarcastic, because it’s from the point of view of someone who spills everyone’s secrets… I feel like everyone has a bit of this in them. Even me.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
I think my music is my biggest form of self-expression, so I hope people take away inspiration from my music to express themselves, and to have fun with it!

Who would you cite as your inspiration?
Definitely Avril Lavigne.

What are you most excited for, what’s next for you?
What’s next for me is more single releases, an EP hopefully next year, and live shows!


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