The artist on the rise drops their track ahead of the release of their debut EP.


One artist never shy to demonstrate their creative versatility is Minneapolis artist Denaisha. Releasing a new single “Girlfriend” from their debut 5-track EP, Denaisha rides the deep punchy bass line, while offering up R&B sensibilities. Performing in an accompanying video that looks fresh from a 90s neon palace, Denaisha dresses in strappy bodices, sequin catsuits and fluffy lilac boots.

“I wrote this song shortly after asking out my crush at a party a few years ago,” recalls Denaisha. “I thought it was very funny, because I knew there was no way he would agree to my taking his girlfriend out on a date. Later that night I wrote a funny poem, the first line being I wouldn’t leave me alone with your girlfriend if I was you either. It turned into a very fun and silly song.”

Ahead of “Girlfriend”, Denaisha’s debut EP is set to release in January. Promising their new project will showcase their growth over the years, Denaisha is set for a take over in the new year.

Check out the video for “Girlfriend” below now…