Speaking with friend and actor Margaret Qualley, Lily-Rose Depp covers our Winter 2021 issue.

Lily-Rose Depp Wonderland Winter 2021
Lily-Rose Depp Wonderland Winter 2021

“Life is complicated enough, honestly. There are so many people in the world, if I care about what every single person thinks I’m never going to get on with my day.”

She’s already played a consort, astronaut, and a young woman in love, but now our Winter 2021 cover star, Lily-Rose Depp, has sunk her claws into her most complex role yet: Wildcat. Speaking to her good friend and actor Margaret Qualley, the two women fight the fickle fate of a bad internet connection and humorously debate who is interviewing who (luckily they come to the conclusion Depp was, in fact, the one being interviewed today) before finally landing on the topic at hand: Lily-Rose’s – in true Depp spirit – ever-quirky upcoming film, Wolf. And to make it impossibly quirkier, she plays a woman who believes she’s a cat. As they chat, laugh a lot, and open up without inhibition, Depp’s raw insight into the world around her, who she is, and how her upcoming film reflects it, make something abundantly clear: the fictitious might surround her as an actor, and the fantastical as a certified Depp, but Lily-Rose herself couldn’t be more real.

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