The singer-songwriter serves up the first teaser from her upcoming debut album.

Liz Cass
Liz Cass

When it comes to music and experimentation the possiblities are endless, and Liz Cass is proving this with her new single “Killers”. Gently easing us into a alt-pop soundscape filled with minimalist production and building synths, the artist puts her soothing vocals on full display while addressing mental heath through emotive lyricism. Accompanying the release with an equally as touching visual, the artist breathes life into the song with a contemporary dance routine underneath an atmospheric setting.

Speaking on the single, Cass said, “‘Killers’ was the second song I ever wrote with my producer and co-writer Ed Graves. It finally felt like I was in a safe space to write about the post-natal depression and anxiety that I struggled with after I had my son.”

Serving as a teaser from her anticipated debut album, Cass is set to further delve into the struggles of depression and anxiety, using rich electronics and otherworldly productions as her backdrop.

Check out the video below now…