RUSSELL!, Kings Elliot, Louis Dunford and more bring the fire in this week’s music round-up.


RUSSELL! – “Lindsay’s Freestyle”

Bringing the sultry sound to this week’s round-up is R&B newcomer, RUSSELL! and his new cut “Lindsay’s Freestyle”. Prepare to be rendered enchanted by sway-worthy production and the artist’s undeniably sexy tone, both of which stand as attributes that the track can cite as reasons for its new status as an R&B anthem. And, to make things all the more exciting, the song comes accompanied by an intimate music video featuring the scenes of RUSSELL! studio-bound and chilling poolside.

Elle L – “Higher”

After making waves with her debut releases, ELLE L cemented herself as one to watch. And now, the artist looks to introduce us to her ethereal dream-pop realm once more with her track, “Higher”. Allowing her other-worldly vocals to speak for themselves on the new song, Elle ensures that subtle and piano-laden production trickles gently underneath each verse, a beautiful sound that is perfectly balanced with the crash of each triumphant chorus. In case you were wondering, this is what a star on the rise looks like.

Cristale – “Merryland”

Fancy a trip to the funfair? Well, rap maverick Cristale wants to take you there with her new track “Merryland” and its accompanying visuals. With a flow akin to some of the genre’s finest, and brazen lyrics that surge with vim, the rapper on the rise commands the attention of listeners from the first note – an achievement that furthered by the feature of an intense drill beat. And, with Cristale choosing the vibrant and contrasting backdrop of a funfair from which to serenade her listeners in the track’s music video, “Merryland” becomes all the more repeat-worthy.

Kings Elliot – “Call Me A Dreamer”

Next up is the artist currently giving Billie Eilish a run for her money, Kings Elliot, with the melodic tune “Call Me A Dreamer”. Stripped-down to its core, the track leaves no room for the artist to hide, meaning that her mesmerising tone and tear-jerking lyricism are left to take centre stage, a task they undertake with effortless grace. And, with the artist’s music also standing as a tool in her crusade to empower those who have struggled with the same identity issues as her, the new track becomes all the more sentimental.

Beattie – “Treat Me Right”

Should you be looking for a dose of empowerment this week, look no further than Beattie’s “Treat Me Right”. Raw, unfiltered and wholly relatable, the alt-pop cut is one set to have listeners contemplating the themes of self-worth and openness within love, subjects that her rapidly-growing following can resonate with. Thanks for reminding us exactly who we are, Beattie.

Sammy Porter and Karen Harding – “Celebrate”

You didn’t think that we would give you a Wonderlist without at least one party track, did you? Well, Sammy Porter and Karen Harding have just joined forces for the club-ready track, “Celebrate”, which means it is well and truly time to party. As the title suggests, the song is one sure to have you on your feet and embroiled in fits of joyous dance as the DJ’s anticipatory beat drops and Karen’s booming vocals come together in perfect harmony.

Louis Dunford – “My Generation”

Next up is the wholesome energy that we all deserve at the end of a long week, and it comes courtesy of Louis Dunford’s “My Generation”. Giving classic acoustic instrumentation a moment, the shimmer of drums and rapid strum of the guitar ensure the track, taken from the star’s hotly-anticipated upcoming EP, and its emotive messaging touches the hearts of those who choose to indulge in his sound.

When speaking on the track, Louis claimed, “this song started as a poem that I wrote about members of my family and friendship circle and the struggles I see them take on every day. When I sing every line I see each specific person and situation in my head. I started writing it in my notes on my phone one day in the pub. The line in the chorus “God only knows what we’re dying for” came directly from something my mate said to me over a pint. He was too pissed to remember when I told him.”

Andreww – “Surprise”

Kicking things back into high gear is the model-turned-musician Andreww with his new track “Surprise”. With backing boasting a synth-heavy sound much like that of an 80s bop, an energetic air washes over the cut, instantly grabbing the attention of its listeners. But, thanks to the electronic sound of the artist’s monotone vocals, the track is transported into the genres of today, proving that Andreww is a musical maverick worthy of the name.

SOFY – “Lads! Lads! Lads!”

Last, but certainly not least, is the artist SOFY with her track, “Lads! Lads! Lads!”. Ushered in by the blare of trumpets, the track confirms itself as triumphant from the get-go, something that only becomes more apparent as the indie artist’s unbothered narrative on toxic masculinity and worryingly accurate portrayal of the female experience ring out. Sure to have you and your girls hating your ex, this is the only song you should have playing at your pres this week.


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