From rap collaborations featuring Young Thug and Unknow T, to spellbinding vocals served up by Gretel Hänlyn, here is this week’s music round-up.

Unknown T -
Unknown T -

Cody Frost – Berlin

With Halloween mere hours away, it was only fair that we started this week’s Wonderlist with an inherently spooky track. And, nothing is sending shivers down our spines quite like Cody Frost’s “Berlin”. Surging with thick synths and crashing instrumentation, the track boasts a dark sound, one that is a fitting ode to the upcoming festivities. And, while the tone of the track along with intense torment-drenched lyricism may seem like enough to have you dreaming of a weekend spent clad in costumes, Cody’s accompanying music video – featuring an array of horrific Halloween figures – only hopes to further these feelings.

Gina Jeanz – “Dopamine”

Gina Jeanz is a multi-facet worthy of the name, and her new track “Dopamine” proves it. With infectiously upbeat production providing listeners with the perfect party-ready sound throughout the track, the South Africa-based producer and DJ’s affinity for crafting beats becomes evident. And, with the joyous vocals of Moonga K. providing lyricism rooted in good feelings and carefree vibes, the track cements itself as one for the weekend. Thanks for bringing the party, Gina.

FBG Goat, Young Thug – “Private Phones”

While Young Thug is probably still riding off of a high from the successful release of his album, Punk, that hasn’t stopped him from jumping into the studio with fellow rap sensation FBG Goat for the track “Private Phones”. Standing as an unusually mellow cut from the pair, fans are encouraged to brace themselves for ambient flows and a melodic delivery of heartfelt bars as Thug and Goat’s distinctive tones come together in perfect harmony. And, with the track’s production providing a stormy atmosphere, set to transport you straight into the depths of a rainy day, a melancholy air ensues, perfect for anyone gearing up for a sad girl weekend.

Abra Cadabra, Unknown T – “Double Tap”

And, because one rap collaboration is never enough, next up in this week’s Wonderlist is Abra Cadabra and Unknown T with their track “Double Tap”. Adlib heavy and providing infectiously aggressive energy sure to have you dreaming of the mosh, the North and East London-hailing artists bust back onto our airwaves to remind us that they run the London rap game. If you see us liberally giving out double taps this weekend, mind your business.

Kaisha – “Blue Skies”

In the name of slowing the pace of this week’s round-up all the way down, neo-soul artist on the rise, Kaisha, drops her serene track “Blue Skies”. An introspective ode to counting your blessings and being grateful for the little things in life, the artist’s uplifting narrative will be the first thing to captivate listeners, closely followed by her husky tone and sax-laden backing. Thanks for the perfect Sunday morning sound, Kaisha.

Gretel Hänlyn – “It’s The Future, Baby”

It is rare to come across a voice that is as enticing as Gretel Hänlyn’s. And, with the artist lending her raw, intoxicating vocal range to the new track “It’s The Future, Baby”, that only becomes clearer. A calming cut at its core, listeners are ushered into the West London-born artist’s realm, one sure to render you spellbound. But, while deeply personal lyricism and a set of vocal pipes unlike anyone else’s feature, that is not to say that a bass with a rapid tempo and the gentle crash of symbols don’t attribute to making this a track worthy of a head bop.

The O’My’s – “Lonely”

Rounding things off this week is the soul duo The O’My’s with the romantic track, “Lonely”. Syrupy in tone, the triumphant track stands as the type of tune you’d hope to be serenaded with yourself as jazz-infused instrumentations and heavenly vocals culminate in the ultimate musical ode to love.

When speaking on the track, member Maceo Vidal-Haymes explains, “’Lonely’ is not simply a love song but an affirmation of the healing and transformative power of relationships and love. During the pandemic, we learned to depend on and make space for ourselves. The isolation allowed us to take away distractions and hone in on our intentions and identity. By that same token, the pandemic’s isolation forced us to not only reflect on ourselves but also on those people in our lives that bring us love, strength and compassion.”


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