Sody opens up on her explosive 2020 and how she’s ready for the next chapter.


Serving up all the angst with bounds of pop finesse is singer-songwriter Sody with her new single “Bitch (I said)”. Bringing us into her intimate world, the artist turns sadness into anger for her latest single, channeling feelings of confusion and confidence into a contemporary pop production. Showcasing her sugary vocals on the track, the singer opens on her newfound confidence and delves into an array of emotions.

Speaking about the song, Sody explains “After years of releasing music about my sadness, Bitch (i said it)  takes me into this new, angrier phase. I do see the good in people a lot but there are only so many times you can put up with someone treating you badly. This song has given me new confidence and has enabled me to channel my emotions into a sort of cheeky rage rather than crying into my pillow energy. It’s the realisation that you’re actually better off without them and now you can scream it from the rooftops!”

Having had a stellar 2020, the singer has gained over 243 million streams with her EP and singles spreading across the globe. Ready to get back on the road and tour, we caught up with the star talking new music, finding her sound and being so open in her lyrics.

Check out the interview below…

Hey Sody, how are you? How has this past year been?
I mean… it could have been better because of you know what… but I’m trying to take a lot of positives from a tough situation.

With everything that happened last year, was your creativity affected?
At the very beginning, I did struggle. Songwriting has always been an in person thing so to have that completely taken away was difficult. I really couldn’t get to grips with Zoom — trying to connect with people and write a song through a screen seemed impossible! Obviously, like most people, I thought this was going to be temporary… but as soon as I realised this was going to become the norm, I quickly changed my attitude towards my writing sessions and really tried my best to make it work for me. It helped a lot to just do a few sessions with people I really gelled with. I actually started to enjoyed it. I’ve written a few of my favourite songs over Zoom (which you haven’t heard yet!)

How did you first get into music, what sparked the interest?
Since I came out the womb I always knew I wanted to do music in some capacity. It started with my obsession with drama and musicals as a kid I think. My taste would range from the Sound of Music soundtrack to playing Robbie Williams to singing Aerosmith. Pop was always something I wanted to get into.

Last year was huge for you, you gained so many new listeners, was it bait overwhelming?
It’s always overwhelming! It’s so special for me to see people from all over the world connecting with music I made in my little home studio or over zoom, with people I care about and about such personal topics! You never know how people will react! Everyone has been so supportive of me though which I am so grateful for.

And now you’ve just dropped “Bitch (I said it), take us through the production process!
Haha yes I have. I still can’t believe I have a song called Bitch! It just felt so right. I went into the studio and basically just told them how angry I was and there just wasn’t anything I wanted to say other than the word ‘Bitch’ and it all just came out! The lyrics came really naturally.

You mentioned this song gives you confidence and allowed you to channel your emotions, how so?
I guess I just thought I should stick to writing my sad little ballads that were in my comfort zone. Channeling my sadness into my music comes naturally to me. I find it so difficult to write happy songs! So instead, I decided, actually I’m fuming, not upset, I’m fuming. Let’s channel that and see what comes. And Bitch was born! It really has given me the confidence to embrace my cheekiness and has allowed me to show sides to me I haven’t shown before.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
I want people to know they’re not alone! I try to be as honest and as open as possible in my music. I hope they can feel inspired in some way and feel seen and heard.

Who inspires you?
Everything around me. Family, friends, piano playlists, nature, exes! Anything. If I feel a certain way, I will write a song about that feeling and get it off my chest. I really learnt in lockdown to find inspiration from not just the big obvious things that happen in your life. You really can take inspiration from anything if you look hard enough! One of my next songs stems from my Chinese takeaway order haha!

What’s next for you? What are you most excited for?
More music! And lots more gigs. I’m most excited to go on tour and go to as many different places to meet my fans in their hometowns someday.


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