Hope Tala and Trophie join Mimi Webb in this week’s heartbreak-heavy music round-up.

Mimi Webb
Mimi Webb

Hope Tala – Tiptoeing

Hope Tala’s “Tiptoeing” was the only track worthy of opening up this week’s Wonderlist, purely due to its unforgettably airy and inviting tone. Ushered in by the tickle of subdued piano keys, a jolly and R&B-infused bass ensues as Hope delivers a love-laced set of lyrics, both romantic and relatable in nature. With the track also hoping to further its up-beat vibe with a carefree music video, one in which the artist on the rise joins a set of gal pals for a day of fun, Tala’s latest project becomes all the more infectious in nature.

Ellise – Letting the Wolf In

If you’re looking to get into the seasonal spirit ahead of Halloween, Ellise’s Letting the Wolf In is the album for you. Dedicated to all things spooky, the dark pop project boasts a twisted syrupy tone that is married with grungy sensibilities and horror-laden lyrics, culminating in the ultimate spooky SZN album. Thanks to tracks “Wicked Witch of the Westside” and “Sandman”, we are most definitely in the Halloween spirit!

Trophie – “Ellie”

If you are currently gearing up for a weekend spent in your feels, and you have already rinsed Lana Del Rey’s Blue Banisters, singer-songwriter Trophie’s new heartbreak anthem is the perfect track for you. Featuring the artist’s narration of a past toxic relationship, “Ellie” is a perfect example of how an artist is able to channel their emotional turmoil into a smash hit, one filled with surging production and Trophie’s electric vocals. And, with an accompanying music video depicting the artist serenading the camera underneath the haze of red lights, the new song situates itself as wholly repeat-worthy.

Andreww – “Surprise”

What would a music round-up be without the feature of an alternative cut? Bringing the uniquely captivating vibes to this week’s Wonderlist is emerging musician Andreww with “Surprise”. With subtle indie sensibilities running rife and production-heavy vocals hoping to send those who hear them into a trance, the track makes itself known as it carves out a new space for itself, one that sits in-between genres. Set to be one-to-watch, Andreww is the only artist you should be adding to your playlist this weekend.

Wild Rivers – “Better When We’re Falling Apart”

We know that the stresses and anxieties of this week – or next’s – are most likely at the forefront of your mind. And, because of this, we are bringing you the serene sounds of Wild Rivers’ “Better When We’re Falling Apart”. Sure to calm your soul and centre your mind, the band invites listeners to get lost in their harmonious melodies and profound lyricism, both of which contribute to the track’s serene nature. And, with “Better When We’re Falling Apart” standing as a stellar introduction to the trio’s upcoming album Sidelines, the track becomes all the more exciting.

Mimi Webb – “Seven Shades of Heartbreak”

Continuing on with the sad girl theme of this week’s Wonderlist is Mimi Webb with her tear-jerking project “Seven Shades of Heartbreak”. Filled with introspective tracks “Dumb Love”, “Halfway” and “Good Without”, Mimi’s new EP welcomes listeners into her romantically rocky past as we are treated to soul-baring lyricism and the artist’s bold vocals.

When speaking on her debut EP, Mimi claimed, “I wanted to put together a body of work that told a story from beginning to end, allowing me to retell experiences I’ve been through. Writing this EP has been incredibly therapeutic for me. These seven songs are really personal and it feels very special to be able to share them with the world as part of ‘Seven Shades of Heartbreak’.”

Sam Fischer – “Hopeless Romantic”

Next up this week is Sam Fischer with his newest release, “Hopeless Romantic”. An example of love-laced pop done right, Sam lends his deep knowledge of the genre to his newest release, which is only enhanced by beautiful waves of production. And, the only thing that could make the single better? Sam also invites his fans to enjoy a dramatic music video featuring a shower of rose petals and a cinematic array of backdrops.

Crystal Murray – “Too Much To Taste”

Now, we know that this week’s Wonderlist has been heartbreak-heavy. So, in the name of ensuring that a lighthearted cut for those of you looking to party the weekend away features, we introduce Crystal Murray with her new song, “Too Much To Taste”. Masterfully flipping between sweet melodies and a brazen flow, the rap maverick on the rise establishes herself as the sound of the party with her newest cut, snatched straight from her forthcoming “Twisted Bases” EP. Making the project all the more fun is a set of funfair-bound and psychedelic visuals, featuring an array of neon-infused imagery.

DEJA – “Like That”

DEJA · Like That (Explicit)

Ensuring that this week’s party doesn’t stop is West London’s finest, DEJA, with her new rap “Like That”. Brimming with infectious attitude and a dance-worthy beat drop, the London-based artist’s new track is the perfect one from which to showcase her fiery energy, the same energy that seeps out of every project of hers that graces the airwaves. Move over Doja Cat, DEJA is here!

Humble the Great – “IRIDESCET”

The artist picked to round off this week’s lengthy Wonderlist is none other than Humble the Great. Dropping his heavenly new track “IRIDESCET”, the 21-year-old unveils a mellow soundscape packed full of neo-soul textures and the ripple of R&B instrumentation, a blend that will send you into a state of calm. Shooting himself straight towards the helm of the modern R&B scene, Humble the Great has proved that crafting chart-topping hits is a skill that comes most naturally to him thanks to the release of “IRIDESCET” .


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