The star is here to send you straight into your sad girl feel with her new album.


Whenever Friday rolls around, an anticipatory buzz falls over the music industry as we gear up for the drop of a series of new tracks and an unveiling of new projects from some of the industry’s biggest players. And, the most exciting release of today? It is, of course, Lana Del Rey’s hotly-anticipated, Blue Banisters.

Standing as her second album release of the year, the talent looked to enchant her followers once more as she embarked on a hype-inducing teasing of her newest project. And, it was most definitely worth the wait. Serving up her haunting vocals and syrupy tone, Lana graced the world with 15 brand new tracks today, all laced with sad girl sensibilities. From the intoxicating vibes of “Violets for Roses” to the soul-baring lyricism filling “Arcadia”, Blue Banisters is a shining example of the artist’s stellar ability to craft deeply moving music, the sort that has sent her to the helm of the zeitgeist.

So, prepare for your seasonal depression to be triggered and for an overload of sad girl feels to ensue as you indulge in the heavenly sounds of Blue Banisters.

Head below to listen to the new album...