The neo-soul singer peels back the layers on her intricate sound and how album two is on the way.

Eleanor K
Eleanor K

It’s a new week and Eleanor K is easing us in gently with her mesmerizing new single “Cry In Givenchy”. Inviting us into a cosy and warming soundscape filled with melodic pianos and silky guitar strings, the artist croons over the sumptuous production, unwinding her story with candid and intricate lyricism. Detailing getting caught up in a fantasy, the artist sits comfortably between alt-R&B and neo-soul on the track, while sophisticatedly demonstrating her vocal ability.

Speaking on the track, the artist said, “It’s a love story about someone who is wrapped up in a fantasy, a narcissistic storyline that I simultaneously want to be a part of and also want nothing to do with. It’s about getting caught up chasing the wrong things, essentially. ‘I’ll cry for you in Givenchy / It’s more beautiful that way’ is me making fun of myself as well, as someone who has very much been caught up in it all.”

Proving her creative diversity throughout her latest singles, the artist has risen to prominence in the past few years, carving out her own lane in the left-pop field. Currently, in the studio working on album two, we caught up with the singer talking her relationship with music and how she’d love to work with James Blake.

Check out the interview below…

Hi Eleanor, how are you?
I’m currently knee deep in a selection of Tapas while trying to finish my live set, so I am very well thank you.

Let’s start at the beginning! What inspired you to get stuck into music?
My Grandfather was a violinist and started teaching me at 3, then my Mother taught me piano at 5, then Britney Spears came along, and since then I’ve just never wanted to do anything else. It’s a cliché, but after being introduced to music, I just couldn’t think about anything else. I’m quite obsessive as a person and this was one of the rarer, healthier obsessions I delved into.

What has been one of the most memorable moments from your career so far?
I think the Crystal Fighter’s years, playing on Jools Holland was fairly monumental for me, Glastonbury and all the fun stuff. Those big shows give you an incomprehensible feeling that I couldn’t begin to describe. There’s feeling of community and connection.. not to mention the fantastic grandiose false sense of self as you prance around a stage threatening stage dives left right and Center. But it would be remiss of me to not mention the fact that I managed to overcome the fear of producing my own stuff and actually putting it out, although the high isn’t as instantaneous, it’s a big deal to me to have the confidence to actually finish things and put it out as a solo artist. That feels big too.

Congratulation on the release of “Cry In Givenchy”! How are you feeling about the song being revealed?
This is one of my ‘sassier’ songs so I’m excited to display that side of me. I tend to be much sassier via song than in real life which is perhaps why it’s one of my favourites.

Can you talk us through the meaning of the song’s name?
The title is ironic I guess, ‘Cry in Givenchy, it’s more beautiful that way’ – If you’re going to be sad, at least do it looking good. It’s mocking the fact that we all, still, put too much important on things that don’t deserve such attention through the medium of a broken love story.

And, it is based on a relationship! Did you base the track on your own romantic experiences?
There are definitely elements of experiences I have had in different relationships where, myself included, have been chasing the wrong things and the relationship has inevitably failed because of it.

You also have a music video directed by Jack Fox dropping! Talk us through the theme of the music video!
It’s filmed at the Rosewood Hotel in London, which is a stunning building, I get to wear Vintage Givenchy shoes and parade around dressing far better than I do in real life.
Again, we are trying to nod to the High Fashion lifestyle as I sing the story of this broken and brief love story that never quite came intro fruition.

When it comes to future music, do you have anyone that you’d like to collaborate with?
James Blake. Will always be my answer. As he has the ability to make me cry at any given moment with his Chord choice alone, let alone his voice.

What is next for you? Do you have any projects you are keen to get working on?
I am going to get going on Album Two which is going to be darker and more synthesis based and have some collaborations coming up that I’m really excited about. I am also so incredibly relieved to get back to performing live. This has been the first proper year that I haven’t done a show and I’m going a little bit stir crazy. So all steam ahead.


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