Saintè, Kwaku Asante, Mogli and more serve up the sounds of this week’s music round-up.


Sody – “Bitch (I Said It)”

There was only way to start this week’s Wonderlist, and it was with Sody’s “Bitch (I Said It)”. With a title that says it all, defiant angst prevails throughout the track as the singer shrugs off her ex throughout the relatable anthem, one that is filled with intimate lyricism. But, in a bid to ensure that the track offers up a slice of that Friday feeling, listeners will be rendered captivated by a catchy chorus and infectious production. BRB, we are just off to block our ex.

Mogli – “ECHO”

When an artist looks into the depths of their darkest times to inform their music, it is fair to say that the result is usually a deeply moving track. And, this is exactly what the Berlin-based artist Mogli has provided with her track “Echo”. Featuring the singer’s haunting vocals and consuming production, the track is pensive at its core as messaging laced with the artist’s lived experience battling with depression prevails. Featuring a dystopian Black Mirror-esque music video and standing as the track chosen to introduce the artist’s upcoming album, RAVAGE, to the world, it becomes clear that Mogli is one to watch.

Kwaku Asante – “Feel Something”

We have all been there. Casually planning out the rest of our lives with a handsome stranger that has caught our eye from across the room. Well, this is the exact notion that RnB artist Kwaku Asante has looked towards to inform the music video for his new cut, “Feel Something”. Featuring a warm bass and the shimmer of jazz instrumentation, the track itself boasts an effortless blend of genres, all of which culminate in a truly serene sound. But, while sweet in sound, with visuals filled with the scenes of Kwaku in a state of infatuation whilst serenading a crowd of party-goers, the track becomes one sure to be played on repeat all weekend long.

Saintè – “Out Of The Blue”

Leicester-hailing artist Saintè has been making a name for himself as of late, thanks to a string of warmly received rap drops. And now, looking to continue on with his winning streak, the artist unveils his EP “Out Of The Blue”. Standing as a collection of intimate tracks that hope to showcase the rapper’s melodic tone and vulnerable side, his fans are invited to indulge in a project filled with a soothing undertone and one sure to further Saintè’s journey to the helm of the rap industry.

When speaking on his new release, the artist states, “I am taking my time to tell a three-dimensional story and show you all angles. I guess the music before was more paranoid because I grew up close to that kind of lifestyle. Now, I want to take people into a place where they can learn how to enjoy life as [the pandemic has shown] it’s so short. I’m trying to be a sweet boy. I’m not interested in people thinking I am tough, because I am only trying to be Saintly.”

Gia Lily – “Signs”

Exploding onto the scene this week with her debut single is the singer-songwriter Gia Lily with “Signs”. Packed full of pop sensibilities, the London-based newcomer’s influences, which she cites as Charli XCX and Gwen Stefani, becomes evident. And, with Gia’s impeccable storytelling skills also hoping to grab the attention of those who listen, the star on the rise ensures that her first foray into the music world is one to remember.

AURORA – “Giving In To The Love”

Rounding things off this week is the ethereal sounds of AURORA’s “Giving In To The Love”. A consuming cut that features the artist’s other-worldly tone and a love-filled message, it stands as yet another example of the extent of the alternative star’s talent. With triumphant choruses and atmospheric production also featuring, “Giving In To The Love” transports listeners into the heart of AURORA’s dreamland – a place sure to enchant.


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