The artist looks to pop legends, past and present, to inspire his ballad.


Nothing beats the sounds of classic pop. And, while we associate those sounds with a time gone by, artist Michee is here to bring them straight into 2021 with his ballad “Pennies”. Citing the likes of Elton John, Bruno Mars and Michael Buble as his influences, the ultimate pop sound prevails on Michee’s track as classical instrumentation and a melodic tone presents itself in a homage-paying manner. But, with the artist ensuing that hints of modern production can be noticed throughout, the track is instantly transported into the present.

When speaking on the meaning behind the track, Michee claims, “in life, you always meet situations where people reject the world of emotions in order to pursue a career, and then when they have achieved something with this money they try to buy this world of emotions again”.

In a bit to make the new release all the more impressive, it also comes accompanied by a set of haunting visuals that offers listeners the view of the artist piano-bound and embroiled in a singing session. Drenched in feeling-provoking sentiments and sweet pop sensibilities, Michee’s “Pennies” is a must-listen.

Listen to “Pennies” below…