Punk sensibilities and attitude reign supreme in the artist’s new alt-rock track

Madi Mai
Madi Mai

Riding off of the back of 2021’s avid passion for all things punk, Dagenham-born artist Madi Mai has been exploding onto the scene and making a name for herself with angsty cuts and displays of impeccable lyricism.

And now, in a bid to continue on with her wildly successful introduction to the industry, the artist has revealed her latest song, “Anti-Clockwise”. As crashing instrumentation and an irresistible rock tone ensues, the listener is consumed upon the track’s first note. With Madi’s angelic-yet-almost-monotone vocals also featuring, “Anti-Clockwise” consolidates itself as a modern alt-punk anthem worthy of the name. And, the only thing that hopes to make the track better? An accompanying music video that sees the talent embroiled in a love affair with a faceless lover and serenading her viewers from within the depths of a forest enhances the project beautifully.

With the artist’s unapologetic and liberating mantra at the heart of each track she crafts, which she claims to be, “it’s ok to go wrong and be different. Embrace your weirdness. Be what you want. There’s no judgement,” it becomes clear that Madi Mai is one to watch.

Listen to “Anti-Clockwise” below…