The R&B artist drops his sensual new song and its accompanying visuals.


What better way to start your Friday than with the sweet sounds of R&B? Well, should you be in search of angelic vocals and love-laced lyrics, look no further than BAELY’s newest track, “Float”. A sensual cut that will send you into a serene state of relaxation, the artist’s latest romantic release works to prove that when it comes to the current R&B scene, he is most definitely one to watch.

“It’s about the yearning for love without unnecessary confrontation and the preference of being alone, instead of caught up in contention,” explains BAELY when speaking on the meaning behind the new track. “I really wanted to capture the essence of my ideal relationship – essentially that when it’s right, it can feel close to the idea of floating away from the heaviness of the world.”

And, to make things all the more inviting, the artist also unveils the track’s music video. Cinematic at its core, light and shadows are played with in a dramatic nature throughout the “Float” visuals, making it undeniably eye-catching. And, with a dialogue-less narrative, delivered through the medium of dance, the feelings of desire and love ooze out of the screen, ensuring that the songs sweet messaging is understood by all.

To listen to “Float”, head below…