The artist intimately invites us into his world for his warming new single.

Jim Legxacy
Jim Legxacy

It goes without saying that these are stressful times. Between the dramatic shift in seasons and the comedown from fashion month, we are exhausted. With the weekend upon us, we’re looking for any reason to relax, and that means basking in Jim Legxacy’s new single “cold lewisham roses”. Laced with warm nostalgic rhythms and R&B-tinged melodies, the singer intricately and intimately details emotional abuse and manipulation on the track. Keeping the same narrative for the accompanying video, Legxacy conveys the negative experience through evocative visuals.

Speaking on the single, the artist said, “The hypnotic melodies of ‘cold lewisham roses’ contrast with the piercing lyrics much like a baseless relationship would have moments of euphoria and despondency, these are the themes that we explored throughout the visual narrative.”

Following on from his two previous EPs, “Dynasty Project” and most recently “BTO!”, the artist has continued to develop his sound over the years, creating forward-thinking productions with ear-worming and layered cuts.
With more music on the way, we say keep a close eye on the artist in the coming months.

Check out the video below…