The artist looks to his lived experiences and battle with identity for the intense track and its harrowing music video.

RYALS - Forward
RYALS - Forward

Any hit-worthy track has a deeply meaningful story at its core. And, with this in mind, artist RYALS is looking to serve up some deep introspection with his track, “Forward”. Taken from his upcoming EP of the same name, the artist offers up electronic sensibilities as his punk-esque vocals ring out. But, with a set of deep introspective lyrics laced with RYALS lived experiences with homophobia and living in an unaccepting society, the track becomes a wild juxtaposition.

And, while the track’s messaging boasts a moving undertone, its accompanying music video hopes to allow the feelings of defiance to overpower. Featuring the twisted and torturous scenes of personified ignorance bound and gagged, an infectiously sinister tone is set. And, as RYALS embarks on an attitude-filled serenading of the camera and choreographed dances, watchers become entranced as they enter into his slightly creepy world.

When speaking on the new track, the artist claimed, “Having the opportunity to work on this piece with most incredible people one more time reminded me that there are two types of family in life, the one you are born into and the one that you choose for yourself. The video was shot in the early spring when the temperatures in New York City were still hitting below freezing. As you will see, most of the scenes were shot outside, with the whole crew having very little clothes on. However, that did not stop us from our ability to raise the curtain on what’s going on in that boy’s head, before making one of the most pivoting decisions of his life.”

Listen to “Forward” below…