From SZA and Kali Uchis’ sizzling new track to cuts from Jayli Wolf and VETS, here is this week’s music round-up.

Kali and SZA
Kali and SZA

SZA and Kali Uchis – “Fue Mejor”

The only thing better than one industry icon on a track is two! Kali Uchis and SZA have come together to create magical new track “Fue Mejor”. The dreamy duo, who have been taking the R&B genre by storm, unite for a gorgeous collaboration and have not disappointed. The single features SZA performing in Spanish for the first time, whilst Kali Uchis exhibits her soothing tones; overall, creating an angelic tune demonstrating why they are superstars in their own right.

Jayli Wolf – “Lead Me”

On this weeks Wonderlist, Jayli Wolf’s new track “Lead Me” quite literally lead us into a different dimension. The trippy tune expresses the artist’s survival through addiction and abuse, quite contrary to the other sounds presented this week! We can’t wait to see what other mysterious tunes the intense individual has coming for us.

VETS – “Anti-Socialite”

The finally reunited duo Lilla Vargen and Nick Hahn, aka VETS, are providing us with all the vibes thanks to their new song, “Anti-Socialite”. A blunt interpretation of living life as an outsider in an extroverted world, the song offers up alternative mellow tones and indie-rock style lyrics. Sure to be featuring on the new Peaky Blinder soundtrack, we hope VETS kee serving up the moody sounds of our dreams.

GIRLI – “Ruthless”

The funkiest GIRLI in town yet again fails to disappoint with her new single “Ruthless”. Demonstrating the difference between living as a naive child to having to experience the “Ruthless” world for herself, GIRLI’s new tune is the ultimate punk diva cut, one that we have been waiting for. Featuring contrasting tempos, which drop upbeat and cheerful to intense and haunting, definitely keep us on our toes and were living for it.

Abby Sage – “When I Leave”

Everyone stop what you are doing, there is a new angel in town! Giving us the most heavenly track, Abby Sage does not disappoint with her new single “When I Leave”. Although sending us straight into the depths of sad girl hours, this is a tune that cannot be missed if you love to rewind and relax through music. Sage’s calming voice mixed with the harmonious instrumental background is exactly what we are in need of, especially with the winter month approaching.

Keinemusik – “Saving My Love” (feat. Little Dragon)

If you are in the mood to bop away the weekend along to an infectious cut, Keinemusik’s “Saving My Love” is the track for you. Featuring shimmering production and 80s sensibilities, the track promises to have a smile spread across your face instantly are a groove-inducing sound presents itself. And, with Swedens finest also joining forces with Little Dragon for the track, it becomes all the more spectacular.

EYK – “Just For The Time”

There are a few tracks that singer Rhys Kirkby-Cox and producer Harvey Kirby revisited, like “Higher”, but the EP is mainly a reflection on the collective feelings inspired by lockdown. It’s a processing of what they, their close friends, and indeed all of us went through last year.

About the new EP, Rhys said, “sonically, you’ll still be able to tell its EYK, but it’s sharper. I feel like my vocals and lyrics have improved. Harvey would probably say his production’s improved. So as a body of work, tune for tune, this is by far the best project we’ve done”. He added, “It’s just completely laying ourselves bare and being vulnerable, you’ll be able to hear the different emotions in the project. It’s just honest music. There’s no facade there. However, we feel when we’re making this music, that’s what you’re hearing in each tune.”

Dylan – “Someone Else”

Olivia Rodrigo’s new twin, Dylan, also features on this weeks Wonderlist. The indie girl’s track “Someone Else” gets us all the way into our feels when projecting that her love interest loves someone else. And, what better way to express her confusion and obsession than in a vibrantly fused punk track. Offering melodic tones and a breathy angel voice, Dylan serves up a sound sure to have you instantly enchanted.