Dan Aura, Nina Nesbitt and Harley Alaska drop the sounds of this week’s music round-up.


Vinesto – “Wish That We”

First up in this week’s Wonderlist is a track for pop lovers everywhere. Brought to you by rising artist Vinesto, track “Wish That We” is the romantic love-laced single sure to have you enchanted. Featuring Vinesto’s syrupy tone and the masterful production dreamed up by Grammy-nominated Tommy Brown, the sweet single is a symphony worthy of the name.

Dan Aura – “Straight Boys”

Continuing on with the pop theme of this week’s round-up is artist Dan Aura. With a name as magical as his sound, Dan hopes to welcome his rapidly-rising followers to his upcoming EP with the release “Straight Boys”. Infectiously introspective in nature, the boppy cut is laced with whirling backing and emotion-drenched confessions of standing up to rigid gender norms. Endearingly authentic, this is a track headed straight towards to top of our playlist.

Nina Nesbitt – “Life’s A Bitch”

When it came to her career, alt-pop sensation Nina Nesbitt ensured that she hit the ground running this year. After the wild success of her track “Summer Fling”, the artist is now looking towards further musical domination with her new song “Life’s A Bitch”. A juxtaposition at its core, the drop blends the artist’s ethereal sound with the angsty grunge associated with pop’s latest affinity for all things moody. And, with the artist herself describing the cut as an “80s inspired, post-2020, driving-your-car-through-a tunnel-at-night song,” this becomes all the more evident. Move over Olivia Rodrigo, Nina Nesbitt is coming for your crown.

Santino Le Saint – “Love, Drugs, Anarchy”

In the name of switching pace, the next artist to step into the spotlight this week is Santino Le Saint with his newest rap-esque track, “Love, Drugs, Anarchy”. Offering up R&B sensibilities and a nonchalant attitude, Santino has looked to the likes of Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana to inform his work, culminating in a uniquely blended track. And, with the high-energy release standing as our first insight into the artist’s upcoming project Beautiful Disaster, it is fair to say its release date of November 19th couldn’t come soon enough.

Oscar Welsh – SW3

Who doesn’t love a quirky left-pop track accompanied by trippy visuals? Well, this is exactly what newcomer Oscar Welsh is serving up with his newest release, “SW3”. The lead cut from the artist’s sophomore EP “Aestival”, genre fanatics are invited into a soundscape filled with Oscar’s serene lyrical flow and avant-garde production akin to that of Tyler, The Creator and Brockhampton. And, with fever-dream visuals accompanying the release, which depict the scenes of the artist canoeing along hay bale-littered fields, the artist’s uniquely carved out space in the industry becomes instantly apparent and undeniably inviting.

Harley Alaska – “Lose You Too”

Now, what would a Wonderlist be without a true sad girl anthem? Ensuring that bedroom pop continues to get the recognition it deserves this week is the Sydney-based star on the rise Harley Alaska with his tear-jerking debut single “Lose You Too”. Set to send shivers down spines and have you in the depths of your feels, the artist-turned-TikTok sensation has looked to his lived experience with heartbreak and the personal journey that follow in a bid to pen a raw and soul-baring cut. With “Lost You Too” standing as Harley’s formal introduction to the world of music, it is safe to say that the artist has set himself on a rapidly rising trajectory.

Etta Bond – “How Could I Forget You”

Bella Hadid-approved artist Etta Bond is causing quite a stir, and her newest track “How Could I Forget You” proves why. Featuring an atmospheric production and boasting an undeniably sensual vibe, the newest cut from the London-based artist has not only masterfully showcased the complementary nature of soul and R&B, but also re-established herself as one of the industry’s hottest one-to-watch artists.

MMYYKK – “Science”

Brining the energy and pure vibes to this week’s Wonderlist is artist MMYYKK with the feel-good single “Science”. Hacked from his eponymous EP, get lost in inspirational samples and the transportive melting pot of soul, jazz, hip hop, R&B sounds.

When speaking on the new track, MMYYKK went on to explain, “‘Science’ is a colloquialism I developed some years ago that’s now commonly used in my friend circle. It’s essentially when something is dope because it is also complex, deep or just generally requires precise skill to create or execute; and it is done in a stylish way.”

Cheque ft. Ayra Starr – “Dangerous”

Rounding off this week’s Wonderlist is the only party track that you should be running up this weekend. Packed full of rhythmic sensibilities and a dance-inducing bass, the track promises to have you up on your feet and grooving along to its infectious beat. And, the only thing that could make the track all the more lovable? The sweet sounds of Ayra Starr!


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