The German producer is crashing onto the scene with his brand new EP.

Edwin Rosen
Edwin Rosen

In a bid to continue on with his journey to the helm of the music industry, German production talent Edwin Rosen debuts his latest project, “mitleerenhänden”, along with its lead title track of the same name, both of which are sure to set him on a path to incomprehensible heights.

Standing as an atmospheric track that will have you in a calming trance, listeners are treated to serene synths and gruff-toned vocals, all of which culminate in the perfect song worthy of a weekend listen. And, with the track’s mellow tone offering the perfect introduction to the melancholy-yet-hopeful messaging that lies at the heart of the entire project, it becomes all the more hype-worthy.

“‘mitleerenhänden’, which translates to empty-handed, is an EP about coming to terms with things not going the way you expected them to. It’s about things ending too quickly and about the last hope that remains when all seems lost,” explains the artist when speaking on his newest release. “The title track is about feeling like no matter what you do, it is just not good enough, which leaves you feeling alone with nothing left to give.”

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Edwin Rosen · mitleerenhänden