Jean Paul Gaultier’s newest ambassador talks the misconceptions surrounding modelling and starring in the house’s sporty Scandal fragrance campaign.

Parker van Noord
Parker van Noord

The only thing on par with the unveiling of an anticipated runway show dreamed up by some of fashion’s brightest minds is the release of a house’s latest fragrance. A decadent ode to each individual brand’s infamously unique style, the launch of a new fragrance holds the capacity to stir up just as much excitement as one of its highly-anticipated collections. So, when it came time for Jean Paul Gaultier to choose the face of their new Scandal scent, they knew they had to call on a name as iconic as themselves. Enter Parker van Noord.

Standing as one of the industry’s most adored muses, son to the famed model Andre van Noord and Jean Paul Gaultier’s newest ambassadors, Parker has already crafted quite the legacy for himself. But now, with the French house looking to debut its “modern woody oriental” fragrance, the model swapped the runway for a boxing ring as he starred in the the chaotic Scandal campaign video. Entering the scene with a crown atop his head, akin to the one that adorns the bottle in question, Parker embodies the role of The King of the Ring as he puts on an exhilarating athletic display before a passionate affair ensures between him and the scandalous Imaan Hammam.

“He is very big on storytelling so coming here and being on the set and shooting the actual video was really amazing,” explains Parker when speaking on the feeling of working alongside the decorated designer for the campaign. “It was a really exciting part of the experience. Also, as a model, you have to get into a character, but all of that background was provided for me here.”

Ahead of the release of Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest fragrance, the newly appointed brand ambassador sat down with Wonderland to discuss the experience of shooting the new campaign, the advice given to him by his father and the misconceptions surrounding his career. Head below to read our interview with Parker van Noord…

Hi Parker, Where are you calling from?
We are in the headquarters of Jean Paul Gaultier, in Paris. Have you been here? It is quite a beautiful place.

No! I have never visited. I have been to Paris, obviously, but not to the Jean Paul Gaultier headquarters!
Ok! Next time you are here, you should get a press pass as it is quite an astonishing building!

I can see that! It looks amazing! To begin with, congratulation on becoming the ambassador for Jean Paul Gaultier! What has the process been like for you?

It is kind of crazy! A couple of months ago, I got the first phone call from my agent and they were talking about potentially putting me up for a new project and then, step by step, you get into it and start doing the boxing lessons and everything. It is a really amazing feeling to be an ambassador!

I was speaking about the boxing lessons, but I understand that you haven’t seen the campaign video yet?

No, I haven’t seen it yet!
Ah, so let me tell you! I am a boxer in the video!

Ah, ok! Amazing! I can’t wait to see it. What about the Jean Paul Gaultier brand draws you to it?
Well, it is very open and diverse, I’d say. There is so much room to experience things in this life, and the way that Jean Paul Gaultier has brought everything together is very appealing to me.

And, what has been the most exciting part of working with Jean Paul Gaultier?
He is very big on storytelling so coming here, being on the set and shooting the actual video was really amazing. It was a really exciting part of the experience. Also, as a model, you have to get into a character but all of that background was provided for me here.

What does a typical day in the life of a Jean Paul Gaultier ambassador look like?
Well, I can only speak of today! And, as I said, I am sitting in this huge, beautiful building and I am wearing all Jean Paul Gaultier, of course, which I really like. It is such a cool setting to be in.

Do you think there are any misconceptions surrounding modelling as a career? And, if so, what do you think they are?
I don’t think there are too many misconceptions in my perception. But, I come from the countryside, so if I am trying to describe my career to my friends they don’t really seem to get it sometimes because there is this misconception that modelling isn’t an actual job. And, I understand that misconception, but it is a job in which you have got to work really hard.

100%! What lifestyle regimes do you invest your time in to keep yourself feeling and looking your best? I know that you have already mentioned boxing for this campaign, but is there anything else?
I practise a lot of sports, whether that is playing football or being in the gym and doing fitness. But, to keep me at my best, I sometimes need to detach from my career too. Not caring about your visual representation is very healthy.

That is interesting coming from a model as you’d assume that you’d be very invested in your appearance, but it is good that you can remove yourself from that!
I just got a new place in the city, and the first thing I did was get all of the mirrors out of the house! So, I think I am ok!

What has been a career highlight for you so far?
Well, it must be this! Shooting for Jean Paul Gaultier, which is such an iconic brand, is a big highlight of my career!

Parker van Noord x JPG
Parker van Noord boxing
Parker van Noord x JPG
Parker van Noord boxing

That makes sense! So, it is clear that the modelling gene runs in your family! Is there any advice that your father gave you that you carry with you throughout your career?
Ah, yes! There is, actually. Being a model is all about visualisation. There is a certain image that you want to represent and I think for that, you have to have experienced a lot of things, which was a great piece of advice he gave me.

You have been modelling for a while now. If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?
Just be yourself and enjoy the ride.

Nice, I like that! How have the unprecedented events of the last year affected your career?
I had a couple of slow months when the pandemic started hitting. Before that, I was mostly living in the U.S., and then I came back to the Netherlands and then all of a sudden, I had time to try different things. I worked as a carpenter for like six weeks! So, it drastically affected my career in a way that I wasn’t working for a while. But, all of a sudden, it started picking up and it has actually been pretty busy since around June.

It has been amazing to see how the fashion world has adapted to these times!
Yeah, that is the cool thing too! Everyone is wearing a mask, but it is the new normal and everyone is getting adjusted so quickly, which is nice to see.

It has been lovely to see. Finally, do you have any other projects you are working on or any that you would be interested in working on in the future?
I come from a really creative family, so there are some personal projects that I want to start working on. But I can’t really say what they are right now!

JPG Scandal
JPG Scandal

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