Starring in Amazon Prime’s highly-anticipated erotic thriller The Voyeurs, the actor covers our Autumn 21 issue.

Sydney Sweeney Cover
Sydney Sweeney Cover

“There’s an endless amount, my dream list doesn’t have to do just with the roles I want to play. Maybe I want to write, direct, and produce more and maybe I want to get into entertainment law! There’s so much I want to try and inspire to do.”

From starring in some of our generation’s most talked-about roles to producing her own films, there’s nothing Sydney Sweeney can’t do. Until recently, the infectiously bubbly 23-year-old actor was best known for playing the role of Cassie in hit coming-of-age series Euphoria. This summer, she’s catapulted back onto our screens as The White Lotus’ hypnotic Olivia Mossbacher, a quick-witted college sophomore whose premeditated quips are as cruelly intuitive as they are terrifying. But terrifying is something the real Sydney Sweeney is wholeheartedly not. Interviewing her is like chatting to an old friend. She’s honest and astute, filling the conversation with uninhibited laughs as she, unbeknown to me, finishes an 18-hour road trip with her dad. I find this out from asking what the biggest misconception about her is in the media. “I’m trying to work out how to word it because I know exactly what I want to say, but I’m sitting in the car with my dad right now,” she laughs. “Okay, it’s that I have big boobs, I’m blonde, and that’s all I have.” As we delve into the magical world that is Sydney Sweeney’s, it becomes clear – as it always has been – that this is certainly not the case. Her latest role in Amazon Prime’s highly-anticipated erotic thriller, The Voyeurs, more than proves this. She plays Pippa, the quirky girl-next-door who becomes dangerously obsessed by her neighbours’ lives across the street. A role, she explains, which brought out a goofy side of her that hadn’t yet been seen.

Covering our Autumn 2021 issue, the actor who does-it-all chats to Ella Bardsley about her latest obsession, the blurred lines between her and Pippa in Amazon Prime’s The Voyeurs, and how there’s so much more she wants to achieve.

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