The singer continues her series of self-love-tinged anthems on her new single.


Josie Man is one of those rare artists who create music the world increasingly needs as it evolves culturally and socially. The Orpington-born pixie-pop songstress perfectly demonstrates that you don’t need to shout to have your voice heard, garnering herself a dedicated fanbase that appreciates and adores the honest, everyday musings to find in the honeyed tones of her music. Following her previous release, “One Of Those Days”, Josie returns today with a gorgeous new offering entitled “Stormy Skies (Diamonds)”, a charmingly poignant track that explores the unconditionality of true love.

Full of substance and self-reflection, “Stormy Skies (Diamonds)” is a piano fuelled dreamscape driven by stunningly tender lyrics and a melody you’re unlikely to forget anytime soon. The chorus draws you to get lost in its uplifting sentiment, sure to make you smile.

Speaking on the single, Josie states: “‘Stormy Skies (Diamonds)’ is about having someone who loves you no matter your past, but also questioning how they can bear to stay sometimes when it gets deep. For me, that kind of love is a safety blanket and something that I fear losing the most. I wrote this with my friend Ines (songwriter) and a producer called Halfrhymes in his home studio. We can all relate to that love situation in some way. I love writing with open people, where I feel a sense of oneness.”

Check out the single below…

Connor Aiden Fogarty