The newcomers talk us through their dreamlike single “Signify”, overcoming creative blocks and their upcoming album.


When it comes to music, experimentation is key and duo Tachys have this on lock. Dropping their new single “Signify” last week, the duo takes us on a psychedelic journey filled with echoing melodies and harmonising vocals. Offering calmness and serenity, the duo unfolds the relentless bombardment of society across an electronic pop soundscape.

“’Signify” was the first song we did together,” the duo revealed. “It was all done in 2 days from scratch. Because it was the first thing we did, we went into it with an open attitude. “Let’s see if we can create together”. I think we both feel it’s a great mixture of both our individual sounds.”

Spending the past year developing their sound between the both of them, the duo revealed that lockdown triggered a new sound for them, as the quarantine boredom spurred on a new creative outlet which led to the creation of their album. Catching up with us virtually, the duo revealed their inspirations, overcoming creative blocks and how the album is almost ready.

Check out the interview below now…

Hey Tachys! How are you, how have you been?
We’re great. These days Jonas is wrapping up some shows with his band Mew, before we can get back in the studio and finish up our album. I am fooling around skateboarding for a Copenhagen Pro Skateboard Contest/party. It’s awesome finally to meet up and skate with friends from all over the world after such a long time.

With everything that happened last year, was your creativity impacted?
We both suddenly had shows cancelled, and for the first time we could not to travel. Traveling is normally a big part of our lives. Of course it triggered a restlessness and boredom. I remember my parents always told me. It’s good to get bored. Boredom triggers mind-wandering, and then mind wandering leads to creativity. It’s exactly what happened with us. Out of boredom we finally started to work together and create and use Tachys as a new outlet.

How did you guys come to form the duo?
We used to do small art films and experimental music together when we were younger. We went to the same school and had a band back then, called Orange Dog. We have the same interest in music and visual art and have been talking about working together for years, but never found the time. Just a few guest appearances once in a while, with whatever we were doing, respectively. We were both too busy with other projects.

What sparked the interest?
I think we had the interest for years, we just never brought it into action before now. The timing was perfect. We were finally in the same country. And proverbial boat. I have been living in NYC for years and have just moved to Copenhagen.

You both do music separately, how do you combine both your interests?
A lot of scheduling and planning. And part of what makes Tachys exciting for us, is that it’s different from either of our other bands.

And now you’ve just dropped “Signify” talk us through the production process and inspiration?
Signify was the first song we did together. It was all done in 2 days from scratch. Because it was the first thing we did, we went into it with an open attitude. “Let’s see if we can create together”. I think we both feel it’s a great mixture of both our individual sounds.

It’s quite a personal song, what made you tap into those emotions?
The song and video for “Signify”, both deals with the relentless bombardment of stimulus we experience in our world, what that does to our minds and our calmness, and how we see ourselves. You can sometimes feel life is a fragment, a disconnected dream that has no continuity. Knowing this. Knowing that you’re crazy doesn’t make the crazy things stop happening. We wanted to create a dreamlike state. The fine line between the dream state and reality can at times be quite grey. Sometimes life can feel like a waking dream, or like a double-dream with a false awakening. The dream only becomes comprehensible given the fuller perspective of life after you wake up, or maybe, the pictures never stop.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
That’s so subjective and hard to answer. Hopefully a lot of daydreaming and emotions.

Who are your inspirations?
I can only talk for myself. Songwriting and composing has been one of my chosen outlet for years. Since music is such an abstract and non-concrete art form. You can’t touch, smell or see it. Basically, what you can do as an audience is close your eyes and listen and go on a inner journey. It’s all about feelings. Anger, lust, angst etc. Basically, what I am trying to say is that my inspiration is my palette of emotions and feelings.

What’s next for you?
We will finish our album and collaborate with some visual artists creating a few more videos. Then we’re planning to play some shows in 2022.

What are you most excited for?
First of all, I am really excited about finally working together with my talented friend. With this project we do most things ourselves. We produce, write, mix the music. We do a lot of the visual work. We seek out and collaborate with other artists when it feels right to us. We’re our own label. I think we both really enjoy the DIY process with 100% control. It’s awesome.


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