From the sounds of Jorja Smith X Sasha Keable and Venna’s debut EP, our music round-up is spotlighting the hottest sounds from the past week.

Sasha Keable and Jorja Smith
Sasha Keable and Jorja Smith

Is it just us who are still recovering from the bank holiday? Well, if you are in need of a relaxed and chilled few days, we have the perfect sounds to accompany you in this week’s Wodnerlist. From Jorja Smith and Sasha Keable teaming up for a beautifully stripped back collab to Venna’s classical debut EP “Venology”, head below to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the weekend ahead…

Sasha Keable, Jorja Smith – “Killing Me”

What better way to kick off this week’s round-up than with the sweet sounds of Jorja Smith and Sasha Keable? Ushered in by the sultry hum of a guitar and symphonic violins, “Killing Me” sees the London-based singer-songwriter career-building vocals layered Jorja’s unmissable tone during the chorus. The dreamy blend of vocals culminates into a gentle anthem worthy of the top spot on your weekend playlist. More collabs like this, please!

Venna – “Venology”

There is nothing quite like a debut project from one of the industry’s fastest rising talents. And, no one is proving that to be the case than Grammy Award-winning artist Venna with his debut EP, “Venology”. Offering his signature blend of production packed full of subtle R&B sensibilities and smooth classical instrumentation, the multi-talented Saxophonist and producer invites listeners into a classical soundscape, courtesy of the project’s lead single “Sun Moon & Herbs” along with “Standard” and “Aroma”. And with the likes of Knucks and JVCK JAMES lending their talents to the project, it quickly becomes one of the most captivating releases to be born out of the music scene this summer.

Tom Misch – Quarantine Sessions

While many of us spent lockdown binge-watching Tiger King and baking up a storm, Tom Misch was busy creating the gem that is Quarantine Sessions. An album comprised of Tom and his acoustic guitar, the star’s iPhone was used to candidly capture an array of soothing sounds, all of which boast an intimate and solitary tone that will have you casting your mind back into the depths of lockdown. Comprised of a range of covers and the never-before-heard track “Missing You”, this is an acoustic cut sure to have you in your Friday feels.

Priya Ragu – damnshestamil

By now, you will be familiar with the name Priya Ragu. Having made waves with her warmly received single “Kamali”, the artist has been gearing up for a successful career, which is only set to be furthered by the release of her debut mixtape damnshestamil. Showcasing the artist’s effortless flows and powerful lyricism, the project fuses pop sensibilities with ode-like nods to her heritage, resulting in a sound unlike any other that has come before it. With tracks such as “Chicken Lemon Rice” and “Forgot About” standing as powerful examples of Priya’s raw talent, be sure to keep on an eye on her as she looks towards industry domination.

Onoe Caponoe – “Silent Kiss”

Onoe Caponoe is taking a trip to another planet with track “Silent Kiss”, and he wants you to join him. Ensuring his sound remains undefinable, genre boundaries are crossed and as he transports listeners into a magical realm far from Earth.

When describing his newest release, the artist claimed “‘Silent Kiss’ is the first track from my forthcoming album, with heavy summer vibes, building on the new direction that my music took with the single ‘Lost The Love’. The style is my reinvention of Memphis underground rap, ramped up a level, exploring love, with female vocals, which is unique. It’s the first time that Sofie – who is incredible – has featured on my music”

Maeve Steele – “Shimmer”

Next up is the San Francisco-born artist Maeve Steele with her twinkling new cut, “Shimmer”. Boasting a brassy production and the artist’s husky tone, the romantic track showcases perfectly penned lyrics that offer up a tale of two lovers falling through a passionate affair.

Matt Ryder – “Before I Go”

Should you be looking to dance the weekend away, Matt Ryder has the perfect track for you. Filled with subtle yet rapidly pulsating sounds of synth and symbols, “Before I Go” is an atmospheric electronica cut sure to have your hands in the air and transported away from the cares of the world. With multi-facet producing and writing, it becomes clear that the track is not just a banger in the making, but also an example of unfiltered talent.

RuthAnne – “The Way I Love You”

Ending this week’s music round-up on a sombre note is artist RuthAnne with her EP “The Way I Love You”. The songwriter who has worked with the likes of Niall Horan and Britney Spears, the artist has already established herself behind the scenes of the industry. But now, in a bid to step out from the studio and into the spotlight, the talented writer has unleashed her powerhouse vocals and featured them on a plethora of emotion-drenched ballads. We can’t wait to see what RuthAnne will do next!


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