Shawn Mendes, Kevin Abstract and Millionz serve up the sounds of this week’s music round-up.

Shawn Mendes

IG: @shawnmendes

Shawn Mendes
IG: @shawnmendes

Are you ready to wave goodbye to the perils of the last week and get lost in the feelings of the weekend? Well, we certainly are, and this week’s Wonderlist is here to help you. Whether it’s Shawn Mendes’ new summer single or Kevin Abstracts latest foray into his solo career, head below to enjoy this week’s music round-up…

Shawn Mendes – “Summer Of Love”

First up on this week’s Wonderlist is the sound of summer courtesy of Shawn Mendes. Lending his sweet pop vocals to a brand new cut, the musical sensation is offering dance-worthy rhythms and plucky guitar sturms that are sure to transport you into the depths of a sun-soaked holiday. Also featuring the masterful work of record producer, Tainy and accompanied by a set of carefree visuals shot under the Mallorcan sun, it becomes a summer anthem worthy of the name.

Kevin Abstract – “Sierra Nights” feat. Ryan Beatty

Next up is Brockhampton’s front runner, Kevin Abstract and his newest cut “Sierra Nights”. Setting the tone of his already wildly successful solo career, get lost in trippy beats and Kevin’s melodic rap flows that are accompanied by the masterful work of singer-songwriter, Ryan Beatty. Accompanied by a set of hazy visuals that, true to form, are a sensory delight, Kevin has proved that while his infamous boyband may be coming to an end, his career in music certainly isn’t.

Oli Fox – “Sunburnt”

If you are in the mood for twinkling piano keys and emotion-drenched vocals, Oli Fox’s “Sunburnt” is for you. Offering a narrative on love, friends and family, expect to get swept up by bedroom pop sensibilities and Oli Fox’s raw contemplations. Having crafted his EP from the comfort of his childhood bedroom, the heartfelt nature of the project shines through in tracks such as “Two Sides” and “Honey” promise to render you enchanted.

Millionz – “Regular Bag”

Birmingham-based rapper M1llionz has just released his fresh new cut, “Regular Bag” – and it hasn’t disappointed. Serving up drill sensibilities that are set alight by the rappers commanding tone, the track excited from the get-go. And, in a bid to make the project all the more exciting, it also stands as one of the first drill video to ever be shot on film. A banger and an example of history in the making – what more could you ask for?

Sad Night Dynamite – “Psychedelic Views” feat. IDK

Featuring rippling synth and heavy production, Sad Night Dynamite release their newest cut, “Psychedelic Views”. Featuring the duo’s trap beats and IDK’s bars, it becomes a rapidly-flowing track that is sure to head to the top of your weekend playlist. Ensuring that their lyrics are thought-provoking and dual-toned, the artists ensure that their cuts are meaningful and full of depth, making them ones to watch as they rise through the musical ranks.

Abby Sage – “Residing in the Sky”

Boasting her ethereal vocals and a hazy-toned backing, artist Abby Sage is making waves with her new cut, “Residing in the Sky”. An ode to the importance of self-love, the soft sounds of acoustic instrumentation and Abby’s Billie Eilish-esque sound culminate in a sorrowful soundscape. And, with the latest track having been picked straight from the artist’s upcoming EP “Fears of Yours & Mine”, it becomes all the more exciting.

Charlotte Jane – “Loving The Light”

Ending this week’s round-up on an uplifting note is the rising star Charlotte Jane with her shimmering track, “Loving The Light”. With her knack for crafting lyrics evident in her polished pop cuts, she instantly cements herself as one of the industry’s rising names.

When speaking on her latest release, the artist claimed, “I’m rarely one to write happy songs but this one came at a time where I desperately needed to look for the positives amongst everything that was going on in my life. It’s continued to serve as a reminder to me, through a lot of shit that’s happened since, that no matter how bad things get there’s always something to be grateful for. I listen to this song more than I ever have with anything I’ve released previously. I genuinely love jamming to it.”


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