The best of British music, debut albums from beloved boyband members and TikTok anthems: Dua Lipa, Elton John, Luke Hemmings and Bella Poarch just dropped your weekend playlist.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa

We know that you are desperate to leave a week of WFH behind you and embrace a weekend of partying. And what better way to usher in those coveted days off than with a new playlist? From Dua Lipa and Elton John teaming up for a summery remix to 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings’ debut album, this week’s Wonderlist is the ultimate weekend playlist. Head below to get listening…

Dua Lipa and Elton John – “Cold Heart (Pnau Remix)”

Talk about an iconic collaboration! In a display of the best of British musical talent, Dua Lipa and Elton John have teamed up for their sparkling cut, “Cold Heart (Pnau Remix)”. Filled with the dance-worthy sounds, twinkling synths and pure groove, music fans can hope to get lost in the infamous vocals of the duo, which have been washed over with an infectiously funky production. And, with Dua taking to Instagram to drop a sweet sentiment in which she states, “Elton you are my friend and my hero and I never thought i’d be able to ever say that in a sentence. Thank you for all your love and support. Grateful to make music with you in this life,” the collab becomes all the more endearing.

Luke Hemmings – When Facing the Things We Turn Away From

Next up is one for the fangirls! When Rollacoaster cover star, Luke Hemmings, made the bold statement that he would be venturing past the realm of 5SOS to explore a solo career, stan Twitter went into a meltdown. And, after rife anticipation and speculation, the artist’s debut solo project is here. Filled with emotion-drenched cuts that are set alight with the crash of masterfully manipulated instrumentation, When Facing the Things We Turn Away From becomes a triumphant indication of what we can expect from the star’s solo career.

The Happy Fits – “Another Try”

Indie-pop trio The Happy Fits are contemplating life’s capacity to be mundane on new track, “Another Try”. While focusing on a down-beat premise, electric instrumentation and the band’s harmonious yet commanding vocals mean that the song is brimming with energetic vigour. Accompanied by track “Cold Turkey”, the trio’s latest drops needs little introduction as listeners will become entranced with their attention-grabbing sound and relatable lyrics. BRB, we are off to watch Groundhog Day.

Bella Poarch and Sub Urban – “INFERNO

Alt-pop’s brightest stars Bella Poarch and Sub Urban, have just dopped “INFERNO” and it is already sounding like TikTok’s next anthem. Featuring the pair’s ethereal vocals and plucky production, the song’s sultry tone is set as an empowering energy hopes to infect those who hear it. Accompanied by a set of cinematic visuals in which fans can enjoy the scenes of Bella gain supernatural strengths and cameos from TikTok royalty, the track only gains more TL-shattering potential.

Issey Cross – “Tired Of Everybody”

If you are in search of a track laced with introspection and refreshing left pop sensibilities, look no further than Issey Cross’ “Tired Of Everybody”. With trippy and rainbow-infused visuals perfectly embodying the aura of the track, expect to fall into the artist’s against-the-grain sound as she blends her heavenly vocals with warped production whilst delivering lyrics laced with deep self-contemplation in a jaunty manner. One of the hottest new artists emerging out of London’s music scene, Issey is defienlty one to watch.

Fedde Le Grand – “Devils”

Calling on The Voice UK‘s Vince Freeman, Fedde Le Grand unveils his newest track, “Devils”. An anthem that contemplates the nuances of love, the track uses Vince and Fedde’s emotive tones to invoke emotion in listens as a pensive bass fills out the track and gives it an undeniable depth. And, with a chorus that boasts an overwhelming choir-like backing, expect to be consumed by the pair’s sound.

Sainté – “No Love” (ft. Miraa May)

If you are in search of a clean-cut track filled with rhythmic flows, Sainté’s “No Love” is for you. Sure to have you dancing upon the first note, a shimmering production filled with infectious rhythm lays underneath the Leicester-hailing artist’s awe-invoking bars, that contemplate the fears of heartbreak, all the while rapidly running over the track’s infectious sounds. And, with Miraa May lending her soulful vocals to the cut, it becomes all the more impressive.

Laufey – “Let You Break My Heart Again”

Warm-toned and brimming with the sounds of a fairytale, Laufey’s “Let You Break My Heart Again” is the ultimate Sunday morning track. Boasting the artist’s old-school and enchanting vocals, listeners will become lost in the song’s dreamy soundscape as a romanticised tale of love rings out. And, in a bid to make the track all the more captivating, expect to get lost in the infamous sounds of the London Philharmonia Orchestra which provide the track masterful instrumentation.

 Pip Millett – “Motion Sick”

R&B’s brightest rising star, Pip Millett, has just dropped her highly-anticipated EP, “Motion Sick” and it is a masterpiece worthy of the name. Whether you are looking for carefully injected samples, the artist’s impeccable vocal abilities are a display of the direction modern R&B is taking, tracks such as “Sad Girls” and “Hard Life” promise to provide all of it and more. And, with the likes of Ghetts and Gaidaa also featuring on the project, it can easily be pegged as one of the best releases of the summer.

Ebhoni – “Rotation”

Rounding off this week’s round-up is Toronto-based songstress Ebhoni with her explosive cut, “Rotation”. Packed with attitude, the artist’s latest release offers up woozy instrumentation and a narrative on stepping into the driver’s seat of your love life. With a music video that pays homage to carefree summer vibes, the track instantly becomes the ultimate weekend cut. Thanks to “Rotation”, Ebhoni is sure to be rapidly rising through the musical ranks.


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