Calling all rebels! The sibling duo is letting go with their new track, and they want you to join them.


In a bid to remind the world of the joys of letting go, sibling duo STEEN have dropped their carefree cut, “What Day Is It?”. Brimming with elation, uplifting instrumentation and the pair’s melodic vocals welcome listeners into the fun-filled realm of The STEEN brothers as Justin Raisen’s warm production adds a summery layer to the song. And, the pair’s genreless approach to music, which culminates in a wildly unique cacophony of sound, only further emphasises the track’s free and easy message.

While joy radiates out of the track upon the first listen, its accompanying music video only works to further its vibrant nature. An ode to the rebels, watch the duo and their band of carefree companions embark on a day of harmless mischief in which rigid expectations and appearances are abandoned. A heartwarming reminder of the necessity of not taking life too seriously, the music video confirms the duo’s playful charm and refusal to conform to mundane norms.

“Our real intention with the ‘What Day Is It?’ visual was to capture the essence of what it really means to ‘let go,’ which many of us need now more than ever,” explains STEEN. “That inner rebel never truly disappears, so why hide it?”

Listen to “What Day Is It?” below…