Exposed thongs, Y2K throwbacks and the ultimate vegan leather bag: here are some of the most hyped styles of the year.

Dua Lipa

IG: @dualipa

Dua Lipa
IG: @dualipa

With the year two-thirds of the way through, it is safe to say that the world has been treated to plenty of jaw-dropping fashion moments, courtesy of our favourite celebrities. And, with their ability to take a seemingly simple or potentially unconventional style and turn it into a global fashion trend in mind, we have decided to take a look back over the last eight months and appreciate some of the most widely celebrate fashion trends to grace Instagram. From a domination of crochet and candy rings to the rise of the Telfar Shopping Bag, head below to enjoy the scenes of Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and more dressed in the biggest fashion trends of 2021…

Crochet Accessories

Coming in hot this year is the crochet accessory. Crafted out of a weaving technique that involves interlocking loops of yarn, it is a design that is usually synonymous with anti-style. But, with models such as Bella Hadid and rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert incorporating beautifully garish crochet accessories into their streetwear outfits, they have become a beloved staple of the fashion world this year.


While cut-outs have been a staple addition in wardrobes for years, they are really having a moment in 2021. With emerging designers such as Rui Zhou and Sinead Gorey revolutionising their ability to create illusions and elevate a seemingly simple look, these designers are ensuring that the trend stays at the helm of 2021 fashion – especially during hot girl summer.

Telfar Shopping Bags

By now, you have probably seen every celebrity and their friends carrying a Telfar Shopping Bag. Founded in 2005 by designer Telfar Clemens, Telfar’s seamless vegan leather accessories have been around for a hot minute and have established themselves as somewhat of a cult fashion accessory. But with the likes of Beyoncé, Saweetie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Dua Lipa all seen sporting the bag over the last year, it has quickly become the most coveted accessory of the year.

Candy Rings

Thanks to Bella Hadid, the rise and rise of candy-toned plastic rings has been a thing to behold. The model, along with the likes of Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus, kickstarted a growing trend in which the world abandoned the classic gold and silvers synonymous with jewellery and instead turned to bold colours and quirky shaping when picking their accessories. Should you want to jump on this trend before the year’s end, brands such as La Manso are the place to look.

Pearl Accessories

Continuing along the same lines as candy rings, pearl necklaces are also taking centre stage in the fashion world right now. A trend that was singlehandedly ushered in by Harry Styles and his beloved Miami-based jeweller, éliou, you can now catch every TikToker, model, singer and actress draped in the sticking white accessories, which usually come accompanied by some playful beading.


Standing as a celebrity staple of sorts, we couldn’t do a fashion trends round-up without a mention of the trusty vest. Undeniably cool and effortless to work into any look, the vest as it looks today is a re-imagined version of the men’s undershirt synonymous with the 40s and the years that followed. Sure to stay at the pinochle of style for years to come, it is only fair that we all take a moment to appreciate the simplicity and diversity of the vest.

Body Floss

One of the most easily pulled off styling hacks of 2021 is body floss. Form hugging pieces of material that have the capacity to elevate a seemingly simple cropped top and skirt or trouser combo into a stand-out ensemble, some of the biggest emerging names in fashion – including Supriya Lele and Nensi Dojaka – have been at the helm of bringing this trend to the forefront of fashion, meaning it is one that is not to be ignored.

Open backs and exposed thongs

All hail the exposed thong! A truly sultry trend to emerge out of 2021 which was ushered in by Matthew Williams’ Givenchy show back in October 2020 with the help of Kim K, the pair lit a spark in the fashion world that saw many embrace the awe-invoking art of pairing a daring low-back moment with the flash of contrasting underwear. Having originated back in the late 90s and early 00s, this is a trend that we have welcomed back with open arms.

Amina Muaddi Heels

The unparalleled exposure, success and domination of Amina Muaddi and her shoes are enough to peg her as the shoe designer of the century. With her brand only standing as three years young, the Italian-raised designer has seen every celebrity under the sun sport her bold and square-heeled designs over the last few months. Sure to be the next red bottoms, these are shoes that you should not be sleeping on.

Wide Leg Suit Trousers

With brands like The Row proving to be the providers of the new model uniform, it is no wonder why the boxy suit trouser is currently having a moment. A welcomed step away from the skinny jean and a relaxed and chic alternative for those who may want it, the wide-leg pant is one of the most easily adaptable and diverse trends to be born out of the last year. It looks like we are suiting up this autumn!

Y2K aesthetics

While the return of the Y2K aesthetic is a topic of contentious debate, there is no denying that it is here to stay. Brought in by a wave of nostalgia-seeking TikTokers, the fashion world has been enjoying the scenes of front-falling plaits, frameless shades and layers-on-layers for months on end. With the likes of Bella Hadid and Addison Rae standing as personal fans of the 00s aesthetic, expect it to stick around for a while!

Genderless Dresses

One of our favourite trends of 2021 has to be that of the genderless dress. Spearheaded by Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Kid Cudi and Billy Porter, 2021’s embrace of style without gender boundaries as a mode of beautiful expression has not only been a big win for the fashion world, but also for those attempting to challenge archaic societal norms.

Platform Wedges

A true ode to 70s style, the platform boot has re-emerged – and we aren’t too mad about it. While it must be noted that Lady Gaga foresaw this love of chunky-soled silhouettes during her “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance” days, 2021 has seen a widespread embracing of the trend. And, with the likes of Versace injecting the platform into their campaigns this year, the trend has officially received the high fashion stamp of approval.