The Weeknd, Jorja Smith and FINNEAS have turned up and turned it out in this week’s music round-up.

The Weeknd
The Weeknd

The weekend is here, and that means it is time to move and groove to the week’s most exciting musical drops. From the highly-anticipated introduction to The Weeknd’s newest era to FINNEAS stepping out on his own with an emotional acoustic cut, head below to enjoy the sounds that are sure to fill your days ahead that feature in week’s Wonderlist…

The Weeknd – “Take My Breath”

There is only one way to kick off this week’s Wonderlist, and it is with The Weeknd’s new era-defining track, “Take My Breath”. A party track worthy of the name, the glimmering anthem offers up the artist’s usual synth-heavy production and captivating vocals, all the while introducing the fans to the new aesthetics and high-energy sounds of the artist’s highly-anticipated era. With visuals coming complete with an epilepsy warning and some severely steamy scenes, it is safe to say the dawn is here and it has exceeded all of our expectations.

FINNEAS – “A Concert Six Months From Now”

In a wildly unexpected move, Billie Eilish’s brother, collaborator and best friend, FINNEAS, has announced that he has an album on the way. And, in a bid to give the world a look into his new project, the multi-faceted artist has dropped his new song, “A Concert Six Months From Now”. Proving that musical talent runs in his and Billie’s blood, the artist lends his captivating vocals to a song drenched in emotions and love-filled lyrics. An acoustic cut at its heart, the sounds of FINNEAS’ production – that are most famously known for laying underneath his sister’s music – ring throughout as the song crescendos with a block of powerfully electric instrumentation. Set to be a wildly exciting project and filled with more enchanting tracks such as this, FINNEAS has made it clear that the O’Connell siblings have their sights set on a domination of the music industry.

Jorja Smith X GuiltyBeatz – “All of This”

Jorja Smith’s is back, and in a refreshing move, it isn’t with a sad girl summer anthem. Calling on DJ and producer GuiltyBeatz, Jorja’s tear-inducing vocals are matched with a rhythmic soundscape that masterfully moves the track along, giving it a dance-worthy edge. Set to be played across the clubs all weekend long, you can thank Jorja for all of your feel-good vibes over the next few days.

Young T & Bugsey ft. Nafe Smallz – “Prada Bae”

Offering up sun-soaked beats and effortless lyrical flows, Young T & Bugsey are here with “Prada Bae”. Continuing on with the success of their debut project, the rap duo speak on their lavish lifestyle and infatuation with an unnamed woman as the sounds of summer fill the ears of listeners. With Nafe Smallz also called on from the infectious project, it becomes a beautifully blended collaborative track.

Victoria Monét – “Coastin”

Serving up pure groove and shimmering production courtesy of The Stereotypes, songstress Victoria Monét is exploding back onto the scene with her new summery single, “Coastin”. The first project since the birth of her daughter, Victoria offers a mature sound that features reinvented 70s funk sensibilities and alluring lyrics. A true ode to California living, Victoria’s return to the music scene has been a grand one.

Santino Le Saint – “Sleepless Nights”

If you don’t know the emerging Brixton-based singer-songwriter, Santino Le Saint, then you need to get to know. At the age of 23, the young talent is ushering in a new wave of R&B sounds, starting with his latest song “Sleepless Nights”. Touching on the deeply personal topics of anxiety and depression, the artist lays his soul bare with introspective lyrics, hoping to allow his fans a deeper look into his mind in the name of forming a connection with them. And with the talent’s influences, such as Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, all shining through in the new cut, fans can enjoy the sounds of modern R&B getting mixed up in the soft sounds of rock. Set to be a big player in the industry, he is most definitely one to watch.

KABBA – “Rather Be Single”

South East London’s KABBA is here with an empowering attitude and fiery R&B sounds on her new track “Rather Be Single”. Featuring playful visuals in which the sultry and lingerie-clad artist breathes life into her lyrics whilst basking in neon pink lighting, listeners are given an insight into KABBA’s past relationships, all the while getting lost in pop-filled production and the artist’s fierce tone. One to sing out with your girlfriends, this is a track that is set to have you feeling single as hell.

Jeshi – “Sick”

With his sometimes exhausting life experience in mind, London-based artist drops the slick rap track, “Sick”. With a tone that is set to enchant listeners, prepare to become obsessed with the rapper as his deep, husky and matter-of-fact tone delivers his relentless tale.

Speaking on his newest release, the artist states “‘Sick’ is really about the repetition of living a pretty self-destructive life and fucking yourself up every weekend but it feels justified because you got nothing better to do and no money in your pocket. Sick of late nights and feeling like everything always goes wrong. Going round and round a lot like the ride in the video there’s no getting off.”

Gyakie – “Need Me”

If afro-soul and afro-fusion are the sounds you want to fill your summer, look no further than Gyakie, “Need Me”. A sumptuous track that is set alight with the artist’s sizzling vocals and rattling bass, prepare to whine and grind your way through the weekend as you run up this repeat-worthy hot girl summer anthem.

mehro – “Coastline”

Leaving things on an infectious and uplifting note, enjoy the euphoric sounds dreamed up by newcomer mehro on his new track, “Coastline”. With lyrics calling the listeners to dream of a life beyond boundaries and filled with travels, the track hints at the possibility of a brighter future. Boasting ethereal vocals that send the artist’s work straight into the shimmering realm of indie pop, get lost in the track’s instrumentation, which features the rapid strum of electric guitars and a steady drumbeat.

Max Leo – “kinda romantic”

Max Leo is exploring the duality of love, and he wants you to join him as he unveils the serene track “kinda romantic”. An exemplary example of the direction pop is taking, nothing is left unsaid and the artist candidly muses “I don’t have the answers” with the help of whirling production which adds to the sun-soaked cacophony of sounds that feature. With layered harmonies emphasising the emotion at the heart of the track’s message, expect to fall deep into your feels upon your first listen.


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