Prepare your waistline, as the duo gets the party started on their new single.


We don’t know about you, but we’re craving a holiday: the sun-soaked beaches, the lazy lie-ins and the much-needed heat – it’s calling our names. But instead of catching a flight to the nearest destination, Ghanaian heavyweights Camidoh and Kwesi Arthur are taking us there virtually with their summer banger “Dance With You”. Trading smooth verses over an afrobeat production, the two capture the essence of summer perfectly, fusing it with an array of waistline moving melodies and hall party-ready harmonies. Accompanying the single with an equally as energetic video, we see the two artists entertain guests at a lavish wedding in Accra that we wish we were invited to.

Opening up on the production and inspiration behind the track, Camidoh said, “The inspiration behind ‘Dance With You’ stems from the idea of a man and women both really liking each other, but the woman is holding back and the man feels as though she is playing hard to get. After years of this romance, eventually, it blossoms and the pair get married.”

Set on global stardom and tipped to be the next big artist to emerge from Ghana, Camidoh is soon to release his debut full-length project that is set to include Amaarae, Kwesi and Manifest. Due to be released at some point this year, the artist filled us in on what we can expect and how this past year allowed him to venture into different sounds.

Check out the interview below now…

Hey Camidoh, how has this past year been for you? How has your creativity been affected?
I think that this past year has helped my creativity. It has allowed me to delve into different sounds which you will hear on my next project. Also, I have been able to bond with my family and really solidify a plan for my career with my team.

How did you first get into music, what sparked the interest?
I would say Akon inspired me to create my own music. I remember years ago I was in an Internet cafe with my cousin and he introduced me to his music there. I went home a continued listening to him & from there I went on to make my own music and here I am the musician that the world is about to know!

Talk us through your new single ‘Dance With You’, what was your mindset going into it?
When I was making the song the idea that came to me was a first dance at a wedding. Once I finished the song, everyone also agreed and felt that vibe, so we then went on to elaborate on this in the visuals for the music video.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
All I want my music to do is give people love, passion & good energy!

You’ve also recently launched a charity! What sparked this decision?
I have always had the intention to start a charity at some point in my career. In 2019 I remember having lunch with one of my supporters and she said to me ‘so what are you doing with your platform now to help other people?’ At that moment It dawned on me that I don’t need to reach the peak of my career before I can start to help people. I then spoke with my team and we decided to focus on mothers who were stuck in hospitals because they couldn’t pay their hospital bills after delivering their babies. We managed to help some women and we are hoping to help a lot more in the coming years. I believe that, as children don’t have a choice to enter this world they shouldn’t get here and then not receive the comfort that they deserve, which is why I will continue to help them.

Akon is someone who you hugely look up to, why is this?
I really look up to Akon because he is the reason why I am where I am today. He inspired me to make music and I enjoy it so much. He is someone who I would like to meet one day and spend some time with in a creative space. I feel like he has a lot of emotion in his lyrics and that’s something that my supporters love about my music too, which is something I got from him. I also love that after reaching such a high level of success he went back to his home to build something great and iconic. He is honestly such an icon.

What’s next for you? What are you most excited for?
Honestly, I’m most excited about my mixtape “L.I.T.A” coming out. Most of the time when I make music and I haven’t released it I don’t feel excited. I get so much joy in seeing people’s reactions to the music that I really took time to make. I am also looking forward to releasing my album later down the line. Lastly, I would say I’m excited about life and the fact that I am able to build on the talent that I was blessed with.


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