Filled with attitude and sass, the singer drops her new pop fiesta.

Kirsty Grant
Kirsty Grant

Making a return to the scene this month after dropping her highly addictive single “Give & Take”, is London-based artist Kirsty Grant with her clean-cut single “Bad Boys, Good Girls”. Putting her soothing vocals at the forefront of the single, Grant rides a synth-heavy pop production while dissecting modern relationship drama and behaviors. Produced by JULEZ and Ellis, the track boasts an array of sparkling sonics that instantly put you on a euphoric high.

“This song has such a relatable message behind it, to me, it is about gaining the power back in your life and learning from past mistakes,” the rising artist revealed. “It is a bit tongue and cheek, referencing this hypothetical ‘bad boy’ that I am sure we have all come across at some point, and not allowing yourself to fall into the trap of having your heartbroken. The energetic feel of the song is so fun, it could have easily have been a ballad, but having a deep message in an upbeat pop song is my favourite thing to do. I hope that the people who can relate to this song, can dance along to it and feel empowered.”

Set to be a part of her debut EP – which is due for release next month – the singer continues her contemporary pop journey, soaking up all the jubilant and eccentric melodies. Oozing talent and a stunning lyrical prowess, we think big things are due to come Grant’s way.

Check out the single below…

Kirsty Grant · Bad Boys, Good Girls