The R&B singer serves up a stunning visual for her new single.


If there is one thing for sure, it’s that we’re all about the good vibes and London-hailed singer ANISE is providing with her sultry R&B single “OBEY” Laced with female empowerment and warming melodies, the singer effortlessly rides the soul-tinged production, letting her soothing tones guide us though. Keeping the same serene atmosphere for the accompanying video, the singer-songwriter serves up an introspective visual that captures just a few sides of the singer’s personality. Putting intimacy, playfulness, and joy at the forefront of her video, the singer revealed that she stepped into the director’s chair for the visual, detailing that it was important for people to see her in her own way.

“The song is all about the trust that comes with the deepest levels of intimacy – both physical and emotional/mental, “ the singer detailed “When you fully trust, there’s so much power in surrender, and submission doesn’t at all have to mean subjugation. I was raised Catholic and there are a lot of Christian values I still subscribe to, but as I got older, my spirituality expanded past the parameters of religion, so I really like playing with religious metaphor in my songwriting. The chorus, for example, is an allusion to Moses’s parting of the Red Sea: a moment of climax but also a moment of complete surrender. The song is obviously about sex, but it’s about much more than that too”.

Set to be a part of her “Black Eve” EP, the singer’s latest single is just a teaser of what is to come – watch this space.

Check out the video below now…