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Olivia Lunny
Olivia Lunny

Releasing a debut album isn’t easy. The pressure and expectations surrounding it can all be too much for a new artist, but for 22-year-old Olivia Lunny it all comes naturally as she releases her impressive self-titled album today. From seductive disco-pop bangers to nostalgic romantic rhythms, the artist does it all on her debut project, pushing the boundaries on contemporary pop. Teaming up with heavy-weight producers such as Boi-1da and Tommy Brown for the album, the singer effortlessly weaves herself through a plethora of stellar productions, before landing at the emotional-charged “Modern Love”.

I wrote my first song when I was 12 years old. At that moment I could have never foreseen such a beautiful musical future ahead. Sharing songs for me has always felt so cathartic. Sharing a group of songs in album form feels even more surreal.” She adds, “Creating this project was truly a growing experience for me in all aspects. Working with such incredible collaborators was a dream come true. I was challenged in the best way possible by writing with so many talented people.

Ready for a takeover, we sat down with the star talking all things music and her debut album.

Check out the interview below…

Hey Olivia, we’re halfway through the year, how has it been for you so far?
I think it’s fair to say we’re living in very chaotic times! I’m so grateful to have music to cling to despite the rollercoaster of a year we have had. This year has forced me to be introspective and has inspired me to write so much. I’m truly so excited this debut album is out into the world! I hope it can bring others joy and comfort!

How did you first get into music? What is your earliest musical memory?
Growing up my parents would play music 24/7. Early on I was influenced by Norah Jones and Fleetwood Mac. As I grew older and started going to concerts, Coldplay quickly became one of my favourite bands! I have so many vivid memories of attending concerts. Witnessing live music definitely ignited my passion for this career path! To this day I can always look to shows for inspiration and a reminder as to why I started this journey in the first place!

You’re originally from Winnipeg, how has growing up here impacted your sound?
Winnipeg has such a tightly knit folk and indie music scene. Playing the Winnipeg Folk Festival was one of my first ever performances. Being surrounded by so many roots singer/songwriters played a huge role in the music I initially started writing at the age of 12. In my opinion, the ultimate test of a song is its ability to be stripped back/played acoustically. Production/electro elements of a song are simply a bonus. Growing up in Winnipeg taught me the importance of authenticity and to this day I still start so many of my songs on an acoustic instrument.

You released your debut EP last year, what was it like releasing music during such a difficult time?
Releasing music without the ability to tour and engage with others in person was a huge obstacle. The reality is every artist on the planet was faced with the exact same dilemma. Regardless of the pause this pandemic forced us all to take, I’m so grateful to my team for helping me come up with ways to showcase this music in a digital setting! Social media was such a positive outlet as it allowed me to reach and interact with fans.

And you’ve just released your debut album! What was your mindset going into this project?
Going into this project I set no boundaries for myself. I wanted to create music that was not only authentic and honest but explored and refined the “Olivia Lunny Sound” even further than my first EP. I’m so humbled to have collaborated with so many talented producers and writers on this project. The final product surpassed my vision 1000%.

It is self-titled as well, why did you decide to do this?
This album demonstrates so many sides of my artistry. Self-Titling the project felt well suited as this collection of songs introduces me in my truest/full length form to listeners!

What do you want people to take away from this project?
I always listen to music when I can’t find words to articulate exactly how I’m feeling. I hope these songs can act as soundtracks to people’s lives. Whether they lean on the tracks for support, or listen and dance to them loudly, I hope this music can find the people who need to hear it!

Looking back at it, what was the most challenging aspect of creating the project?
Listeners will notice a range of different sounds on the album. When I first narrowed down the final 8 songs, I was initially afraid some of them were too different to be cohesive with others. As I listened more, I decided I wanted to embrace the variety of tempos and beats I had to offer. There’s truly something for everyone on this album! Ballads, summer bops etc!

Who do you cite as your inspirations?
I’m inspired by so many different outlets in my life. My perusal experiences always evoke strong feelings in me which I channel into writing. The environment around me while writing also plays a huge role in the sound that gets created!

What’s next for you what are you most excited for?
I’m so excited to get on the road and play these new songs live! I miss connecting with others and can’t imagine how incredible it’s going to feel to have that first show back!

Olivia Lunny
Olivia Lunny
Olivia Lunny
Olivia Lunny

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