The rising star talks dream collaborations, what’s next and his hopes for the future.

Aidan Bissett
Aidan Bissett

Meet the newcomer we love that you need to know – if you’re not one of the 8 million fans he already has – Aidan Bissett shares the pain of getting friend-zoned with “More Than Friends.” He could possibly be the internet’s newest boyfriend with Noah Centineo looks and similar carefree sounds we love from the band Surfaces. Bissett’s innocence and honesty is so charming even your mom will like him, but he can play the guitar like he’s channelling a 70’s rock icon.

Before even graduating high school he released his first single, “Different,” and immediately gained traction online through his sizable following on social media, then his “Worst Girls of All Time,” anti-love-song landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, along with “More Than Friends,” recorded, and produced entirely by Bissett. Now the global streams of his first three tracks and 2021’s “Communication” surpassed 8.5 million streams.

Born in Tampa, Florida raised on bands like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, he was just five when he started playing electric guitar. By high school, he had taught himself to write and produce his own music, and now we get to enjoy the cheerful, smooth and soulful beats with meaningful words and true to real-life experiences. Bissett’s songs somehow assure you that everything will be okay, even if your crush doesn’t like you back.

We sat down with him post lockdown to catch up on who he’s listening to, dream collaborations, what’s next and his hopes for the future.

Check out the interview below…

Tell us about the inspiration for this new video “More Than Friends” ?
My friends and I go to the beach all the time and we really just wanted to capture the fun we have when we hang out together. None of the video was staged. My friend Sidney candidly filmed us having fun. I am really happy with how lowkey the video turned out because it captures a real night me and my friends had.

You reluctantly started sharing your music on social media while finishing his senior year when Capitol Records signed you, how did that happen?! Was that your intention?
I started putting stuff out on social media just for fun. I had no intention of signing with a label because I didn’t know that was even in the cards for me. Once I really started to fall in love with writing music I created this whole plan of hopefully signing with a label after college. When Capitol reached out I was in shock! They had seen some of my videos on social media and really enjoyed the songs. I still pinch myself to this day thinking that I am living in a dream. My friends were in just as much shock as me too, it was the craziest experience.

In second grade your dad got you an electric guitar, what made you drawn to music?
I wasn’t exactly drawn to music. My dad wanted all of us kids to play piano for two years when we were younger because he believed it was a good experience. When it was my turn to start playing piano I told my dad that I really wanted to play guitar because I thought the electric guitar was the coolest thing in the world. Since I was the only kid who expressed interest in an instrument he happily let me switch over to guitar. It was the best decision I have ever made.

What artists are you most inspired by?
I love Wallows, Olivia Rodrigo, Coin, Role Model, Verzache, Tame Impala, Day Wave and so much more. My list could go on forever.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with any of the artists I just talked about. I think it would be insane to collaborate with Wallows because they are the band that got me into writing music. Second to them I would say Olivia Rodrigo because her lyricism is amazing. I would love to watch in real-time how she tells stories when writing songs.

When did you start writing songs? How did you learn?
I actually only started writing songs just over a year ago. I started writing “Different” in January of 2020. To be honest, learning how to write has been a hard process! It has all been trial and error. Most of the songs I tried writing at the start were very bad lol, but after a while I figured out what works for me and my own process. I actually really appreciate the trial and error process because it has allowed me to play around with a lot of different sounds and be okay with some things not sounding perfect.

What are you listening to most now?
I’m listening to a lot of psychedelic rock. There is this artist called Djo that creates the coolest music using some crazy sounds. I love that he doesn’t abide by any industry rules, and does what he thinks sounds cool.

Where do you find new music?
I find a lot of new music on TikTok. There are so many cool artists on TikTok who don’t receive a ton of recognition. I also love listening to random playlists on Spotify. They expose me to so many cool genres and new artists.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given so far?
Don’t take yourself too seriously! Have fun! Because creating music is fun. As soon as you start being so hard on yourself, music will become a job so just have fun with it.

Plans for this coming year?
So many new songs And maybe a performance here or there!

What is one thing you’d like fans to know that you have not shared before?
My family goes to Disney World every year before Christmas.

How do you deal with difficult days?
I stay home and watch movies or write music. I like taking days off and having alone time. Sometimes I skate too!

What is your idea of wonderland?
A wonderland that I would like to live in is one where people can teleport to any place in the world. No travel times and no moving away from friends! You can always just teleport everywhere


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