Let the synth pop artist transport you to a magical and carefree realm with her new synth-infused track.


The transportive powers of music are unparalleled. Holding the ability to allow you to transcend the worries and angst of the real world, many turn to their favourite artists in times of need. Hoping to provide the ethereal sounds of a carefree realm is synth pop artist NINA with her new track “Carnival Night”. Screeching synths create a soundscape reminiscent of 80s pop as an other-worldly sound ensues on the track. Haunting in nature, listeners will become entranced with the song’s layered lyrics depicting the neon-drenched scenes of an evening spent amongst the magic of a carnival.

“‘Carnival Night’ is a song about running wild and surrendering to magic and desire. It’s a special song for me because it’s my first release as an independent artist”, explains NINA. “Coming up with the theme and creating this track was the perfect way to emotionally escape the confines of the pandemic; we wanted to create a world and get lost in it.”

Calling on electro-rock producer Radio Wolf to contribute to the masterful production, the song is made all the more impressive. And, with the artist’s latest offering standing as a display of her newfound freedom, be sure to expect big things from NINA as she enters a new musical era.

Listen to “Carnival Night” below…