Hacked from his upcoming project Us & Oblivion, the newcomer unveils his blended pop and instrumental ballad.

Aidan Tulloch
Aidan Tulloch

Carving out a brand new space in the world of pop is Yorkshire-based newcomer Aidan Tulloch with his celestial track “Home Late”. Layering a thudding bass with synth-infused classical instrumentation, the song boasts a nocturnal sound as production harking to the work of the singer’s inspiration FINNEAS rings throughout. With the track having been co-written by poet Emmeline Armitage, rich lyricism and deep contemplations situate themselves in the song which switches between a display of electronic vocals and softly spoken verses as the pair invite their listeners to immerse themselves in the intimate act of walking home alone.

“I tracked some of my lines, sent it to Emmeline, then vibed off some of her lyrics to finish off mine, and make it feel like a complete statement,” explains Tulloch when speaking on his collaborative track. “I think that line, ‘I said I wanna feel alive’, which was written pretty much by both of us, just perfectly sums up my whole approach to music and writing and basically everything I do in all aspects of my life. I think it’s such a good way to live your life!”

While the new release is an exciting display from the rising talent, this is not where Tulloch’s musical offerings end. Having created a collection of almost completely self-produced, composed, and arranged tracks, the artist is gearing up to release his album-length project Us & Oblivion. Drawing on lockdown musings, tracks such as “Television Portrait” and “The Start is a State of Mind” offer an insight into the life and mind of the authentic artist. With the projects releasing imminently, expect more blended tracks and profound lyrics from the artist.

Listen to “Home Late” below…