Young entrepreneur Jack Zambakides speaks on his domination of the personal shopping industry, and why failure is always positive.

Jack Z
Jack Z

Proving that past failures and resilience are the keys to success is budding entrepreneur Jack Zambakides as he continues on his journey to dominating the personal shopping game with his business LS Personal Shopper.

Having made his start by launching a string of failed businesses, the 25-year-old mogul set his sights on the fashion world with a determination fueled by lessons learnt and first-hand experiences. And, after taking the monumental risk to invest his overdraft student loan into his passion and committing an unwavering dedication to growing his online sales during lockdown, Jack made a name for himself by offering his star-studded array of customers, who include the likes of Chunkz and Premier League footballers, the finest selection of exclusive garments from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton from his customer-centric appointment-only showroom.

“I’m not afraid to fail and I feel like these failures really set me up for where I am today,” explains Jack when he contemplates the experiences that led him to his success. “I would say that the main thing I took away from these failures are lessons. I haven’t ever made the same mistake twice.

With plans to expand LS Personal Shopper and an ever-growing following propelling the young talent towards further success, Jack sat down with us to discuss his wildly popular venture, past failures and what the future holds for him.

Head below to read our interview with Jack…

Jack Z and Billy Gilmour
Jack Z and Ben Johnson
Jack Z and Billy Gilmour
Jack Z and Ben Johnson

Hi Jack, how are you doing? How has the pandemic been for you?
Hiya! I’m really well thank you. I think the pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone and it was a really tough year! One positive thing about it was that it really helped e-commerce develop at a fast rate which in turn massively helped my business grow. We saw tremendous growth online as I think the most exciting part of the day for most of us was being at home and a parcel being delivered!

Who would you cite as your inspirations from within the industry?
The two main businesses that really inspire me are both Matches Fashion and Farfetch. Both businesses are incredible at customer service and consumer experience. It takes a lot to stand out in the industry these days and I feel like I can and have learnt a lot from these companies.

When did you first realise your passion for the fashion industry? 
I’ve always had an interest in fashion and especially sneakers. My company actually initially started as just sneakers, I used to buy two pairs of the same shoe and sell one which would make my pair free! This is when my interest developed even more as I could combine my love for shoes and business. I was instantly hooked!
You have has a few failed business ventures including a cleaning business, a vintage clothes business and an electronics business. What lessons do you think you learnt from your failed ventures? 
Yes, I absolutely love starting something from scratch and giving it a good go! I’m not afraid to fail and I feel like these failures really set me up for where I am today. I would say that the main thing I took away from these failures are lessons. I haven’t ever made the same mistake twice.

Congratulations on the success of your business LS Personal Shopper, can you talk us through its ethos and how it works?
Thank you very much. Our ethos is all built around the customers, without them we wouldn’t be anywhere! LS always wants to ensure that the customer has a premium experience that they can’t get elsewhere. Secondly, it would be that we have the best stock and quality products so that customers know they will never be disappointed.

We are basically an online retailer that sells limited or sold out products. We also sell on-trend designer clothes that are hard to get.

How did you come up with the idea for LS Personal Shopper
I wouldn’t say that it just came from one light bulb moment. It has been a slow process and has naturally developed into what it is today. Like I mentioned, I initially started selling trainers and this really helped me build up a reputation. More and more my clients started to ask me for clothes and the increase in demand just meant I had to adapt. I didn’t want to just be limited to shoes so I made the transition to selling everything and it just exploded.

You took a huge risk by using the overdraft from your student loan to start the business! How did it feel to make that decision? 
I’ve never been afraid of losing money and I’m naturally quite good at making it! The risk was calculative and I knew it was the right thing to do.

You are currently based in Cobham but you are already lining up a second sight in Knightsbridge! What can shopper expect from the second location? 
Even though e-commerce is doing so well I don’t believe that you should ever put limits on yourself or your business. A new store, I feel, is a natural progression and will be a new challenge for me which I love. Shoppers should only expect the best from LS, it will have premium service and the best stock in London.

You boast a very impressive clientele which includes Premier League footballers and socials media stars such as Chunkz. How does it feel to have such an impressive following? 
 I am so grateful for everyone who follows me of course. I feel proud that I’ve grown a business well enough to attract these clients and dealing with high-performance people really motivates me to keep growing. I’d like to say that LS treats all its customers the same no matter who they are.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 
One thing I’ve learnt, especially when things don’t go as planned is you have to have 100% accountable. When you work for yourself and have your own business you need to be accountable for the outcomes, this can also be when things go right! You can’t read enough! I have learnt so much from books, even if you do 20 minutes a day there is always something to learn. Lastly, it would be to make long term decisions, even if something isn’t beneficial short term, if you think far enough ahead you will be better off in the future.

What are your plans for the future of the business?  
To be the biggest personal shopping business. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t believe you should put any limitations on yourself or your business so the sky is the limit for me. However, in the near future would be to open a store.


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