The rapper sits downs with the queen of the internet Paris Hilton to discuss Pretty Bitch Music.

Saweetie Magazine Cover Omega
Saweetie Magazine Cover Omega

“I know I’m setting myself up to be a mogul that supersedes my artistry and trickles down to the generations of kids and grandkids to come. I love music, I love fashion, I love beauty, I love philanthropy – I just founded my own organisation this year. I think the way me and my team are positioning myself means we’re gonna be good for a long, long time. Saweetie is going to solidify herself and continue to dominate!”

It is no secret that it has been the year of Saweetie. After having being shot into the depths of stardom following on from her breakout success with tracks such as “ICY GIRL”, the Bay Area-raised rapper has established herself as a cultural reference point for an entire generation through her drip-filled Instagram posts, hit YouTube Series ‘Icy University,’ and unparalleled musical displays. Now, in a bid to ensure that she offers her fans the sounds of hot girl summer, the multi-faceted artist is looking towards chart domination as she gears up to release her highly-anticipated debut album Pretty Bitch Music.

Covering our summer issue in Omega, the breakout artist and savvy business mogul creating a legacy beyond her music speaks to friend and OG internet queen, Paris Hilton, on manifesting success, shutting out the gatekeepers and the inspiration behind her new album.

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