Andrew Garfield domination, Netflix’s Fear Street and eccentric cat fanatics: new trailers for Tick, Tick Boom and The Witcher in this week’s film round-up.

The Witcher Henry Cavill

Netflix: Fear Street

The Witcher Henry Cavill
Netflix: Fear Street

Fear Street

The sun may be booming right now, but that isn’t stopping Netflix from getting us in the fright night mood with their new film Fear Street. Based on the iconic R.L. Stone book of the same name, Netflix are set to release three films on the paranormal fiction series, and the first one is set for release this July. Taking place in the fictional street of Shadyside, the first film sees a group of teenagers in 1994 who discover that a series of terrifying events that have plagued their town may be connected. Starring Maya Hawke, Kiana Madeira and Benjamin Flores Jr., the first film is set to provide the back story into a dangerous and thrilling world.

Cat People

We understand. We all love our pets like our own children – but these owners take it to a whole new level. Exploring humans relationships with cats, this Netflix docu-series poses the question on how we co-exist with our feline friends and dives into the lives of various devoted cat lovers. From cat birthday parties to dedicated raps, this series is about as eccentric as it gets.

Tick, Tick Boom

Vanessa Hudgens is starring in a musical? It’s like we’re back in 2008. Starring alongside Andrew Garfield, the HSM star plays the friend to an aspiring composer who worries about achieving his goals as he turns 30. Not feeling as if his dream is within sight, the composer – played by Garfield – begins to dive into the world of musical theatre full throttle and brainstorms his own play. Filled with singing galore, pulsating dance scenes and an all-star cast, this film is sure to cause a storm in the theatre community.

Midnight in the Switchgrass

They’ve been giving us couple goals for a hot minute, and now Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are set to make their on-screen couple debut for thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass. Based on the true story of Texas’ most dangerous serial killer, the film follows FBI agent Karl Helter (Bruce Willis) and his partner Rebecca (Megan Fox) as they are about to close in on a sex-trafficking ring. But when they cross paths with a serial killer, things go all the way left. Enlisted in a twisted cat and mouse game, the force goes toe-to-toe with the killer and the results are looking intense.

The Witcher: season two

The Witcher season two? Netflix know what they are doing. Having had a successful first season, we’re going back into the world of the Continent, for another series filled with violent killings and mind-boggling sorcery. In the first season we followed Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Ciri (Freya Allan) on their journey, before ultimately merging into a single timeline in the finale. But the show did leave some serious scenarios unanswered. While the teaser is brief, we do know they are primarily focusing on Ciri this season.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

From its all-star soundtrack to its drool-worthy accompanying capsule collections, Space Jam 2 is looking to be the film of the year and we’re not mad about that. Taking us back into the world of LeBron James, the sequel follows his youngest son Dom (Cedric Joe) who has no intentions of following in his father’s footsteps; instead, the youngster has dreams of becoming a web developer. When an argument leaves the relationship fractured, Dom finds himself sucked into a virtual space and LeBron must call upon Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny and Porky Pig to help rescue his son. Featuring voices from Zendaya, Bob Bergen, Jeff Bergman and Klay Thompson, this film is going to have us waiting in line at the cinema.

The Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate for a family that can’t conceive is one of most beautiful things a person can do. But sometimes, there can be complications and Jeremy Hersh’s latest film explores this. The SXSW favourite explores the life of Jess Harris, who becomes a surrogate for her best friend Josh and his husband Aaron. But at the 12 weeks scan, the group discover some unexpected results that pose a moral dilemma. Putting their friendship to the test, the film takes us through the group’s decisions and actions as they try and navigate the troubling time.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Another 2021 film with Andrew Garfield? The Social Network star is really coming for the crown this year. Based on the documentary of the same name, the Michael Showalter-directed film is set to follow the history of televangelists Tammy Faye Bakker and Jim Bakker. Exploring just about everything from their convictions to the dissolution of the famous PTL Club, the film is due to be as explosive as the OG documentary.


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