The multifaceted Brooklyn-based artist battles his inner saboteur with experimental production on the new dark pop track.

Richard Orofino
Richard Orofino

Self-doubt is arguably one of the most destructive thoughts. Holding the capacity to incite fear and insecurity, our capacity to self-destruct is a constant struggle many of us deal with. Someone who knows this all too well is the Brooklyn-based artist Richard Orofino, who delves into the depths of introspection and faces his inner saboteur on his new track “Fake Me”. With his sound defined by experimental production, the singer-songwriter and producer layers instrumentation samples with 80s synths, offering a uniquely blended foundation for the track as dark pop track sensibilities reign supreme. And, turning to his enchanting auto-tuned vocals, the artist faces up to his inner thoughts and bares his soul with lyrics laced with angst and vulnerability.

“Fake me is about your own doppelgänger,” explains the singer-songwriter and producer. “The self-punishing evil twin that constantly tries to convince you that what you believe to be truthful about yourself, is wrong. I live in this dilemma a lot, where I have some sort of issue involving myself and then decide to confide in myself only to find I’m my own biggest enemy.”

Having embraced an education of production back in 2013, the artist’s knowledge shines through in the masterful range of genres and complimentary layers of sound that feature on his tracks. And, his undeniable talent has not gone noticed, as he boasts a diverse range of collaborators which includes the likes of Jasper Leak and Michael Tighe. With “Fake Me” standing as an embodiment of the type of raw and experimental work that Richard Orofino offers, expect more unparalleled offerings from the multifaceted artist very soon.

Listen to “Fake Me” below…